Check Out BTS’ Suga Cute and Funny Moments, Here!

BTS' Suga

Who’s Doesn’t Know about BTS’ Suga?

Min Yoongi, better known by his stage names, Suga or Agust D, is rapper from the group BTS. Suga joined the group when he was 20, after training under Big Hit Entertainment for three years, alongside fellow group- members J-hope and RM. Besides being a rapper, he’s also a songwriter and record producer. Suga released a mixtape or solo in 2016, using the name Agust D. The Korean Music Copyright Association attributes over 70 songs to Suga as a songwriter and producer, including Suran’s Wine, which won as best Soul/R&B track of the year at  the 2017 Melon Music Awards. Suga has been given several nicknames by people, and is known as ‘the cold man’ or the swagger rapper. He’s also been called ‘Lil Meow Meow’ or ‘Min Sugar’.

Suga’s Cute and Funny Moments!

Suga is known to have a savage way with words that is very annoying to everyone, so he he’s been referred to as the ‘Savage idol’. Even so, the savage things he says often make people laugh. Behind his savage side, it  turns out that he can do aegyo or show a cute side, too. Here are some of the cute and funny moments from BTS’s Suga!

Starting from the time of their debut, BTS lived the small and narrow dormitories. In fact, BTS members slept together until 2016. Back then, Jin described BTS’ dorm, which he said had many mosquitoes. On onee of the tv shows, Jin complained about the number of mosquitoes in the dorm. When Suga heard Jin’s complaint, he advised Jin to keep frogs so there wouldn’t be any more mosquitoes. According to Suga, frogs love to eats mosquitoes. That was one of the times his savage words actually made his fans laugh.

Beside that, on the BTS’s variety show program on the Vlive channel, in episode 12 they were challenged to act like students in school. Suga transformed to be like a female student who had just moved to a school where other members were studying. Then the six other members were given a mission to tease Suga so he would be interested. Suga managed to make RM interested in him, and then RM tried to make it by showing his smart brain, but Suga didn’t like him. Then V showed off his English skills, Jungkook gave him his jacket, Jin showed off his dancing, and J-hope read a poems until he cried, but Suga still didn’t like any of them. In the end, Suga was abandoned by six handsome men.

Aside from being a female student, he also wore a girl’s maid costume as a punishment for losing the challenge. At the time, he also had to serve customers by delivering their orders. The moment was very embarrassing for him, because his rapper side was gone.

When he was on Run BTS, he had been sentenced to twice having to use costumes of the BT21 characters, Chimmy and RJ. The other BTS members laughed at him when he played a games with that costume, it was so funny for them that even ARMY made his photos into memes. He’s too cute, right?

If Suga has lost his ‘savage’ side, another side of him arose that he can’t control, which was his ridiculousness. Just as when he and Jin changed their positions, with Jin as rapper and Suga as vocalist. Suga sang Jin’s song Awake, but couldn’t hit the high notes. Instead of making the high notes, he just raised the microphone and shouted into it.

Here’s a video compilation of some of Suga’s funny and cute moments!