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BTS' Suga

On March 9, 2019, Min Yoongi, or BTS’ Suga, turned 26 years old. Birthday greetings for Suga were a trending topic on Twitter! The members congratulated Suga in a @BTS_tweet post, each using beautiful words and photos of each member with Suga. Suga replied to all greetings by uploading photos on Twitter, with the caption “Thank You ARMY, I’ll work as hard as possible for this year! I love you!”.

BTS' Suga

Two days after his birthday, Suga posted a tweet about Epik High’s new song, which he produced. Previously, he had a duet with Lee So-ra on Song Request, and now he’s producing one of the songs on Epik High’s new album, entitled Eternal Sunshine.

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BTS' Suga

On Saturday, March 9, 2019, Suga had his 26th birthday. To celebrate his aging, Suga donated a large amount of money to the Korea Child Cancer Foundation. This donation is earmarked for helping children with cancer and leukemia. He contributed up to 100 million won and 329 dolls, all of which were donated on the behalf of his fans, ARMY.

A representative from the Korea Child Cancer Foundation also said that the donation  given in the name of ARMY was done by Suga as a way to repay the fans’ kindness. Suga is very noble and willing to take his time to share sustenance to people in need, even though he’s currently busy with the BTS “Love Yourself’ world tour.