Check Out These 7 BTS’ Suga Book Recommendations That You Should Read!

BTS Suga book recommendations

Find Out More About BTS’ Suga’s Book Recommendations!

Among the three BTS rappers, everybody knows that BTS’ RM is the member who likes books the most. But, who would have thought the other BTS rapper named Suga also has the same hobby as the leader, RM. BTS’ Suga likes to read books to fill his spare time. He likes to read interesting books. BTS’ Suga also gives recommendations about the books that he reads to ARMY. What are the titles of BTS’ Suga‘s book recommendations?

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List of BTS’ Suga’s Favorite Books!

BTS Suga favorite book

This BTS rapper who was born on March 9, 1993, is good at producing, writing, and creating music. However, no one knows what Suga’s favorite books are, the genres, or the titles. In 2020, BTS had “ARMY Zip” which was intended for ARMY who have an official membership. In that content, BTS’ members shared their favorite things including their favorite books and genres.

All BTS members told about their favorite genres specifically, except Suga. He didn’t have a particular preference, but he admitted that he likes reading novels and economic books rather than poetry and comics. But, there are 7 book titles that he frequently reads. Here they are!

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

bts suga book the alchemist

Paulo Coelho is one of BTS’ Suga’s favorite authors. He is known for his books like Eleven Minutes, The Zahir, Like the Flowing River, and The Alchemist. One of his books titled The Alchemist also became Suga’s favorite. The book which was published in Brazil in 1988 tells about a shepherd boy named Santiago who travels from Spain to the deserts of Egypt to find the hidden treasures of pyramids. This book teaches how to change the power of dreams and listen to the conscience.

BTS Suga paulo coelho autograph

Not only ARMY but Suga also recommended this book to Jungkook. He also got an original autograph from the author!

Almond by Sohn Won Pyung

almond sohn won pyung

Besides RM, Suga also read Sohn Won Pyung’s book. Suga reportedly read this book when BTS was filming their variety program “BTS in the Soop.”

BTS Suga book recommendations

This book tells about Yunjae who has Alexithymia. He can’t feel emotions such as happiness, anger, and fear like normal people. The book teaches about how we should be grateful and accept our limitations.

Reinventing Your Life by Jefferey Young and Janet Klosko

BTS Suga book recommendations

Reinventing Your Life was written by an American psychologist and teaches 11 principles of cognitive therapy to help people recognize and change their mindset from negativity. ARMY noticed that Suga was reading this book because he brought the book after BTS filmed their online concert in 2020 named Bangbangcon 2020. Suga read the Korean version of Reinventing Your Life.

About Her by Banana Yoshimoto

BTS Suga book recommendation

Banana Yoshimoto is a Japanese author who was born in 1864. He is known for his novels and the use of many figurative words. BTS’ Suga likes to read his novel entitled About Her which was published in 2008. The novel tells about Yumiko and Shoinci who are cousins. They are separated and haunted by their twin mother’s past.

Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto

Suga BTs book recommendation

Kitchen is Banana Yoshimoto’s first novel that was published in 1987. BTS’ Suga likes to read this book which tells about Mikage Sakurai who is a young woman who lost her grandmother. In addition, this book also tells about motherly love and teaches how to express and fight complex problems in life. This novel led Banana Yoshimoto to win the 6th Kaien Newcomer Writers award, and he received an award from the Japanese Ministry of Education as the 39th Best Newcomer Artist Recommended Prize.

Slam Dunk by Takehiko Inoue

BTS Suga favorite books

Suga is good at playing basketball, and he also likes to read one of Takehiko Inoue’s manga, Slam Dunk. Suga always says that he is a big fan of Slam Dunk, and he also memorizes well the pages of this book.

BTS Suga slam dunk

On the BTS variety program, BTS’ Suga always shows his enthusiasm for this book. The main theme of this book is basketball, and the main character is named Hanamichi Sakuragi.

Life Lessons by Elisabeth Kubler Ross

BTS Suga book recommendation

The last of BTS’ Suga’s book recommendations is Life Lessons by Elisabeth Kubler Ross. This book was published in 2000 along with other authors, namely David Kessler. This book tells about how humans face death and learn more about life’s meaning.

That’s all 7 titles of BTS’ Suga’s book recommendations! These 7 books have been selling well among ARMY. They are amazed by Suga’s choices.

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