These Different Charms Of BTS’ Suga, Agust D, and Min Yoon-gi That Make A.R.M.Ys Go Wild

What Do Other BTS Members Think About Him?

방탄소년단 민윤기-BTS-Suga

The following are comments from each member, regarding Suga’s personality

– Jin“He likes being attached to his bed. He has a variety of knowledge and always gives help with that knowledge. I’m fascinated as to where he gets that weird knowledge from.”

– J-Hope“It is cool. His personality is quite strong in his own thoughts. He pretends not to care when he does. It seems like he’s all over the place, but is quite careful. That kind of personality. (Ah!! Personality where he only just shows strength ㅋㅋ)”

– V“He really has a lot of knowledge. He’s quite cool on stage. Cool and amazing. No answer to him being lethargic.”

– Jung-kook“He’s like a grandpa. But his passion for music is overflooding. He also has a lot of knowledge. But he’s still a grandpa.”

– Rap Monster“Lingers on things more than you would think. He’s really timid once you get to know him. Full of random information. Grandpa. Although he seems cool – never… no no… Wants to be loved. Likes music. Has passion and stubbornness. Says what he wants to and can say everything well in front. Has style.”

– Jimin“He talks too much in front of you. He doesn’t hesitate, and although this is my personal thoughts, he likes being loved by the members ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”

in ‘BTS Radio Festa 1st Anniversary’, the BTS members and the staff also gave their respective messages to Suga.

– Dance Teacher“Take care of your health when you are young.”

– Jimin“Suga, thanks for being so nice to me. Haha, I’ll beat you one day. I’m gathering the team for it already. Wait for it. You, the most stylish guy in Bangtan.”

– Bang shi-hyuk“To Suga, Rebel, old young, genius. Because of you, BTS can be BTS. Thanks for your talent and keep it that way. I wish you could be an awesome artist. When you write the title song?”

During episode 1 of ‘Bon Voyage Season 4 New Zealand,’ J-hope worries about Suga’s back because he was carrying his recording equipment his backpack.

Jimin and Suga are often seen bickering each other on many occasions, but it makes their chemistry become very adorable.

The moment when Suga, as the oldest, had to be with the youngest members at the time, because Jin took a different flight, Suga just let them be and said he was happy because they were happy.


Latest News


in ‘Bon Voyage season 4, New Zealand‘ episode 1, Suga revealed that when their agency gave them a holiday, he was working on his new mixtape. In this episode, Suga announced that he will release his new mixtape soon; our Agust D is back!

Although there has been no news about their next comeback, their agency, Big Hit Entertainment, always uploads their variety show, ‘Bon Voyage‘ on Weverse every Tuesday at 9 pm KST. Let’s continue to look forward and support BTS, both as a group and each member, so that they always feel loved, always take care of their health, and immediately give good news to the ARMY!