BTS Songs That Were Played In K-Dramas

Fight My Way – Fire

The BTS song is used in one of the scenes where Park Seo-Jeon gets ready to fight in a ring battle. Of course, the song “Fire” really matches up the energy of this scene.

This drama is called Fight My Way, and tells about the underdogs who are fighting to reach success, so is closely related to what BTS did, coming from a small agency and becoming such popular performers.

Life On Mars – Fake Love

“Fake Love” by BTS was playing when the doctor was trying to wake the main character from a coma by using music. Moreover, not only the song, the music video also appeared multiple times in this series.

The drama itself is about Han Tae Jo, who is a crime investigation leader. He is at the top of his career and is likely to trust data before people. During his investigating of a serial murder case, he got into an accident. This led him to travel back in time to 1988. He did not understand why it happened, but he became the detective that worked at a police station in a small city. He needed to solve a serial murder case in order to get back to the present.

That’s all about the BTS songs that became the soundtrack in K-dramas. Do you ever notice it before?

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