BTS Songs That Were Played In K-Dramas


Are You a Real ARMY? Could You Tell BTS Song in This Korean Drama?

BTS is one of most popular boy bands both internationally and domestically in South Korea. Their music has become popular around the world and ranks highly on a lot of music charts. Because of that, their music has also been used for soundtracks or the song tracks that play behind a drama.

In this article, Channel-Korea will introduce you into the BTS songs that have become drama soundtracks! Stay tuned!

OST from Hwarang – Even If I Die, It’s You

This catchy and energetic song makes a lovely contribution to the soundtrack for the drama Hwarang. V and Jin sing Even If I Die It’s You, as always, showing their vocal quality. Their voices have their own signature and are perfect for this kind of pop-beat song. This BTS song played during a comical scene of impromptu dance practice.

The meaning of the song’s lyrics is about the Hwarang’s mission to protect the King of their Dynasty. This song related to any scene in struggling and spirit of safeguard.

Hwarang is a drama colossal about the Silla Dynasty, where the reigning king was a young prince of only 14 years old since the previous king died. The mother of new king, Queen Jisoo, wants to protect her child by making a new soldier team to keep him secure from anyone who desires to take the reigning power. She manages to build a group of soldiers called Hwarang. To be Hwarang, a soldier needed to be both good looking and have the ability in the martial arts.

This drama has been compared with another epic historical drama, Scarlet Heart Ryeo. Some viewers were not satisfied with this drama, not because of the story, but because of the perceived lack of chemistry between the players. Above all, the drama is still really enjoyable to watch, especially for viewers who fans of historically-based plots.

Kill Me Heal Me – Danger

In the Korean drama Kill Me Heal Me, there is a scene where BTS’s music video for the song “Danger” is on the screen of the building. Look at the picture below!

This only appeared for about two seconds in this scene, but did you notice it?

This drama is about a love story between the son of a wealthy family who has seven personalities and a first-year female resident who becomes a secret doctor for him.

My Golden Life – Spring Day

This BTS song is quietly used as background music in the department store in the K-drama My Golden Life.

Typically, when shoppers go to a mall or department store, the will hear music playing throughout the building. There it is! If you look and listen for it carefully, the music behind the this scene is BTS’s popular song “Spring Day”. Let’s check it out!

My Golden Life is about a woman who has opportunity for success, yet falls into a bottomless pit in her life. Then she has to try to find the way of happiness through her circumstance.

Mad Dog – DNA

In this cut-scene from the K-drama Mad Dog, if you listen to it carefully, the ringtone of one of the characters is the BTS song “DNA”.

In Mad Dog, there was a scene when Woo Do Hwan was jogging and suddenly got a call on his cell-phone.

Mad Dog is a Korean drama about a former detective named Choi Kang-Woo, who now works as a veteran insurance investigator. During his job, he leads a team whose job is to reveal insurance fraud cases. The series definitely has a lot of dynamic, exciting scenes.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo – Blood, Sweat, & Tears

During episode 3 of the drama Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, the BTS song, “Blood, Sweat and Tears” is always playing during some scenes.

Weighlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo is a romantic comedy about the students of a sports academy who are pursuing their dreams to become Olympic athletes. It shows their family conflicts, love, and motivation to reach their dreams. This drama is a great pick for people who are on the middle of studying in university or school, or who wanna rewind their memories of that time in their lives. It’s fun, funny, and full of youthful energy.

Second 20s – Dope

In this scene in the K-drama Second 20s, a group of people are demonstrating their dance skills, and the song they’re using is BTS’s “Dope.”

This drama is about Choi Ji Woo, who is 38 years old, and who aspires to be a dancer. No matter her age, she danced really well.

School 2017 – Boy In Luv

“Boy in Luv” can be heard in the Korean drama School 2017. Kim Jung-Hyun stars in this drama, and he showed his dancing skill with this anthem of a BTS song.

This drama about conflict among high school students when the education system makes their lives stressful after each student gets ranked based on their test results and corruption in the school. Some of the conflicts is related to the students’ daily life. This drama is worth watching!

The character Kim Jung Hyun (played by Hyun Tae Woon) falls in love with Ra Wun Ho (played as Kim Se Jong). Kim Jung Hyun then does BTS’s choreograph for the song Boy in Luv.

Tunnel – Save Me

In the serial drama Tunnel, Yoon Hyun-Min, one of the characters of this drama, was listening to BTS’s “Save Me” while he was browsing through documents then, Park Gwang-Ho ( played as Choi Jin-Hyuk) disturbs him.

The drama itself is about Detective Park Gwang-Ho in 1986, who is desperately trying to catch a serial killer. When he chases the serial killer, his path takes him through a tunnel. When he comes out the other side of the tunnel, he found out he was then the year 2017. It means that the serial killer has continued the killings that began 30 years ago. In the story, Detective Park Gwang-Ho collaborated with Detective Kim Sun-Jae and Professor of Criminal Psychology Shin Jae-Yi to find the killer.

This drama is nerve-wracking and very interesting to watch!