Here’s Details About BTS Universe and Smeraldo Books That All ARMY Have to Know!

What is “BU” BTS’ Universe?

BTS Universe

BTS Universe is a new concept of BTS which they make a webtoon and soon a book. Even though BTS Universe released recently, the story of it starts since The Most Beautiful Moment in Life (HYYH) era, when they released the music video I Need U.

We all know that since that era, every BTS comeback was full of theory. Even every picture posted by the members in @bts_twt account could be a clue for the theory. And ARMY must know that since that time the theory seems like neverending as Bighit never give us an ending of it.

Many ARMY makes assumptions about who actually dies, who is the killer, etc and as the BTS Universe release a webtoon titled Save Me, ARMY should be ready for another story of the theory. Rap Monster once mentioned the concept of BTS songs is about growth. So, of course, the story of it is about a human child who seeks identity from time to time. The album, music video, and songs starting since HYYH Era are connected to one another. Get ready to be confused, guys!

There are many theories appear and grow, just like the famous ones are the Time Travel theory, Neverland, Anohana, and many more. Even the story of HYYH is flavored with sensitive themes such as self-harm, suicide, murder, and depression.


Before you start crazy to think about the theory, let just follow the webtoon Save Me. In the prologue of the webtoon, it shows the clip from BTS Prologue which actually it was uploaded in October 2015.

save me clip

The webtoon will update every Thursday. If you want to buy the Smeraldo Books, we suggest you to read the webtoon Save Me first, as it is said to be part 0 of the story. Happy reading!