Here’s Details About BTS Universe and Smeraldo Books That All ARMY Have to Know!

Smeraldo Books

Smeraldo Books

The name Smeraldo Books comes from Smeraldo, which means “the truth that is not revealed” in the language of flowers. Many fans linked Smeraldo with the one of BTS’ song in Love Yourself: Tear album, The Truth Untold as the flower has the same meaning with the song title. In the account written “The book made by ‘Smeraldo Books’ will do the best to express sincerity. Thank you,”

Many fans realize that Smeraldo is a part of a larger concept in the BTS fiction franchise, which includes “Love Yourself” and the diary “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: The Notes”.

Before the Bangtan Universe and Smeraldo Books appeared, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: The Notes” (or it is often called HYYH Notes) appeared first and was making fans speculated theory. The notes are written by the BTS’ member and the time of HYYH Notes is before Smeraldo Books.

There are many notes in HYYH Notes as the member could write more than one notes. The notes are written in Korean. So here, we give you a link that contains the English translations of the HYYH Notes written by every member.

Link For HYYH Notes English Translations

When Bighit finally released Smeraldo Books official Twitter on early January 2019, ARMY (name of BTS’s Fans) were curious about the next comeback concept. The account released another note written by members and the first note is written by Seokjin. Correcting the HYYH Notes, now Bighit releases the notes with both English and Japanese.

Smeraldo Notes 1

Not only the notes, the account also upload some clips which actually it is appear before in the BTS’ music video or trailer started since The Most Beautiful Moment in Life (HYYH) era.

smeraldo books twitter

The Smeraldo Books itself will be released on March 5, 2019.