Here’s Details About BTS Universe and Smeraldo Books That All ARMY Have to Know!


Introduction: La Città di Smeraldo

Smeraldo was actually a fictional flower. It began with a story from a little town in Italia around the year 1500-1600. The story’s name is ‘La Citta di Smeraldo’. La Citta di Smeraldo tells the story about an ugly man who lives in a magnificent Castle and loves a poor woman. This man often got ridicule and hatred because of his ugly face, so he locked himself in the old Castle. He will be angry every time he sees someone else because he will remember how that person will pout his face, and because of that he planted flowers to calm his heart. Therefore he has a beautiful garden in his old Castle.

One day he saw a woman near his garden, hiding to see what she was doing. It turns out that the woman stole the flowers she planted, the man was angry at first. But, when he found out that the woman stole flowers to sell and used the money from selling the flowers for her daily life, the man felt sorry and wanted to help the woman. But if he shows up, he knows the woman will stay away from him and maybe scold him because he has a very ugly face. Then, he decided to let the woman steal the flowers he planted every day, so she could live.

As time passing by, the man began to like the woman, so he thought of making a one and only ‘flower’ in the world for the woman to sell, so she could get a lot of money. Then, the man began experiments to produce flowers that never existed in the world. The experiment always ended in failure. However, he never gave up, until one day the experiment was successful. With happiness, he waited for the woman to come and ‘steal’ the flower he had made for her. A few months passed, the woman never came to the song to steal the man’s flower. The man was nervous. One day he went to town and looked for the woman. However, it was too late. Because the woman died long ago. The man can only regret and regret it.

The fictional story above tries to explain to us that the man will not regret if he only loves. If he loves himself, he would not feel embarrassed/afraid to meet the woman.

That’s why the story inspired BTS to make an album Love Yourself: Her. And as they started to make a new album, a new theory appeared by the time when Seokjin uploaded a selca of him with a flower called Smeraldo on August 9, 2017. The Smeraldo flower then became the design of Love Yourself: Her album.


The theory didn’t just stop there. It continues until now as BTS agencies, Big Hit Entertainment, make additional BTS BU (Bangtan Universe) storylines with the appearance of a Twitter account called Smeraldo Books. You can follow it under the username @smeraldo_books

BTS BU (Bangtan Universe) is a webtoon project which story is using all BTS characters. The webtoon title is Save Me. Many people* said Save Me is the part 0 of the story. Meanwhile, Smeraldo Books is the part 1. Let’s follow the next page to know the details about Smeraldo Books and Bangtan Universe.