Shocking Scandals Associated with BTS Members!

bts scandal

The Downside of Being Famous: BTS Must Try to Stop Making Scandals!

There is a saying that everything comes with a price. By being famous and popular, people, especially the young generation, look up to BTS. Anything BTS says and everything BTS does can affect their global fans. A lot of people despise BTS for what they have achieved and try to knock them from their position. For that, BTS members must learn from previous mistakes and stop making other scandals.

Take a look at the shocking scandals associated with BTS members from their debut days!

Chart Manipulation Scandal

bts scandal

As the BTS boys slowly gained attention, fans of established groups started seeing them as competitors. When BTS’ new single, “I Need U,” reached massive popularity and stood high on music charts, BIGBANG fans accused BTS of manipulating the music chart. Later, it was revealed that global fans contributed greatly to the popularity of the new single. A lot of sales were recorded from outside of Korea and Japan. Little did the skeptical fans know, they were witnessing a historic event.

RM’s Plagiarism Scandal

bts scandal

In 2015, BTS’ leader, RM, received unsuspected attention. Some Twitter accounts accused RM of using some of their post lines and using the lines for his music lyrics without consent. RM immediately apologized and admitted his mistake. He stated that most of the time he gets inspiration for his music from reading books, watching movies, doing interviews, and reading letters. Due to his wholehearted apology, even the person who accused him later apologize for causing the incident.

Atomic Bomb Scandal

bts scandal

BTS flower boy Jimin is known for his fashion sense. Either due to his ignorance or due to his own purpose, Jimin was photographed while wearing a shirt with the Hiroshima atomic bombing image. He thought that by wearing the shirt, he was celebrating Korea’s independence and freedom from the Japanese invasion. The issue quickly escalated globally with Japan canceling BTS’ performance on one of their TV stations.

Death Threats Scandal

bts scandal

BTS’ RM experience two death threats throughout his activities as a BTS member. BTS had an interview in Australia, and RM allegedly made a racial statement in one of the segments. He was asked about his first impression of other BTS members when they met for the first time. RM replied and said that he couldn’t see V and J-Hope because they were too dark. He added that when it was dark, he couldn’t see them. After his interview and his statement was broadcast, one of Twitter’s accounts posted a picture of a gun and loaded ammunition. The account posted, in uppercase letters, “Hahaha People Think I’m trolling for attention, I ain’t trolling I’m as serious as can be, Bye Bye RM.”

BTS canceled an event in New York after another death threat towards BTS’ RM through social media surfaced. Speculation arose that the death threat came after the allegedly racial interview in Australia.

In 2018, multiple death threats aimed at BTS’ Jimin were found before one of the Love Yourself world tour events. One Twitter account posted a threat that the person will shoot Jimin when he performs on stage. The person will enjoy the sight of a lifeless Jimin on the floor.

BTS’ “War of Hormone” Scandal

bts scandal

Fans accused BTS lyrics of looking down on or degrading women. Special attention was directed to “War of Hormone.” The lyrics said that women are the best gift and encourage women to wear heels more often as if women are just objects for men. Due to the scandal, Big Hit Entertainment issued an apology statement and promised to educate BTS’ members about the matter.

Marketing Scandal

bts scandal

in 2017, one of the marketing firms that worked with Big Hit Entertainment was having a difficult financial period. In order to get extra money from Big Hit Entertainment, the company extorted Big Hit Entertainment by revealing BTS’ illegal marketing strategies. Out of fear of ruining BTS’ popularity, one of Big Hit Entertainment’s employees pay a sum of money to the marketing firm.

Why did Big Entertainment pay the money if they didn’t do anything illegal? Nobody knew the exact reason. After the CEO of the marketing firm was arrested, Big Hit Entertainment released an official statement and stated that the company didn’t know about the extortion and that the employee tried to solve the matter without the consent of Big Hit Entertainment executives. Since the matter got out of hand, the employee notified the executives, and police were immediately called.