BTS Sasaengs Are Driving BTS Members Insane, Here Are Crazy Things They Did!

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BTS Sasaengs Stalk and Harm BTS by Doing These Crazy Things

The more famous a group is, the more problems they will have. Take BTS as an example. They are one of the biggest K-pop groups in the world right now. But, don’t worry, the problems are not in BTS, but their sasaeng fans instead.

Sasaeng fans are those people that claim themselves as fans. They are obsessed with their favorite idols to the point that they stalk and harm the idols. BTS is no exception, their obsessed fans dare to do crazy things just to get the attention of BTS members.

And here is what Sasaengs have done to BTS:

  1. BTS Sasaeng tries to get close to BTS at the airport.
  2. BTS Sasaeng booked the same plane as BTS members.
  3. BTS Sasaeng tried to find and expose personal information.
  4. BTS Sasaeng cut their hands and post them online.
  5. BTS Sasaeng chased and assaulted Suga.
  6. BTS Sasaeng tried to kiss Suga.
  7. BTS Sasaeng chased BTS members in Sweden.
  8. BTS Sasaeng made phone calls a lot of times to BTS members’ phones.
  9. BTS Sasaeng stalking the members in their hotels.
  10. BTS Sasaeng spamming the members’ phones with texts.

Let’s see more details of crazy things Sasaeng did for BTS.

10 BTS Sasaeng Distressing Encounters and Rumors

bts sasaeng

Nowadays, the Sasaengs out there are becoming more brutal and dangerous in approaching their idols. They do not care if what they do is harmful and detrimental to their idols. The most important thing for them is that their desire to get closer to their idols is fulfilled. Here are some BTS Sasaengs distressing encounters and rumors.

BTS Sasaeng grabs BTS members at the airport

bts sasaeng

BTS Sasaengs have tried to grab BTS members when they were in public places such as airports. BTS is well-known in so many countries and they travel to various sections of the world in a short space of time. No matter how often they travel, these sasaengs are always there following RM and the other members. They don’t hesitate to touch, pull, and even grab the members causing them to fall over. 

BTS Sasaeng Booked the same plane

bts sasaeng airplane

A video was uploaded by BigHit’s staff on an airplane when the boy group was traveling by plane. All the passengers were suspected to be sasaeng fans because most of them wore a hoodie and a mask, and all passengers appeared to be of the same age range.

When the airplane had landed, all of them proceeded to move quickly out of the plane, being impatient and having no care for their bags, belongings, and luggage in the cabin. Unfortunately, this video had been deleted and removed by the staff. Creepy, aren’t they?

BTS Sasaeng Find Personal information

bts sasaeng

The sasaeng will dig for their idols for personal information, attempting to find their schedules, phone numbers, addresses, and other information. Where do they get this information? It turns out that there are many insiders to the idols, such as staff and even managers who sell the idols’ personal information illegally.

BTS Sasaeng Cutting

bts sasaeng

A topic about BTS was trending on Twitter. The trends hashtag was #CuttingForKookie. This hashtag was trended for Jungkook, the youngest member of BTS. Not only did Korean fans participate in this baffling event, but international fans also took part. These sasaeng fans uploaded graphic pictures of their wrists cut. 

BTS Sasaeng Assault

bts sasaaeng airport

Suga also experienced something unsettling. On an occasion when the boys were in the airport, a sasaeng, that turned out to be his Japanese fansite, chased and assaulted him. This fansite owner followed him, even as he boarded the airplane and took endless pictures of him.

BTS Sasaeng Tried to Kiss Suga

BTS Sasaeng Tried to Kiss Suga

On another occasion, a sasaeng tried to kiss Suga after BTS finished their schedule. The sasaeng suddenly ran and attempted to kiss Suga; Suga pushed her away and told her to leave him alone and not do it again. After that, the staff who heard Suga’s voice removed the sasaeng.

BTS Sasaeng Chased BTS in Sweden

BTS Sasaeng Chased BTS in Sweden

The sasaeng do not only chase BTS when they are in Korea but also harass them when scheduled in other countries. In Sweden, when BTS was filming in a cafe, they were tracked by sasaeng. The staff had to tell the sasaeng, and with no surprise, they continued to harass the group, even after the filming had concluded.

BTS Sasaeng Calls Members’ Phones A Lot of Times

bts sasaeng jungkook

Anywhere, anytime, BTS Sasaeng tries to call BTS members’ phone numbers that are supposed to be private. Several times BTS members are caught being called by BTS Sasaeng on VLive, one of them is Jungkook. Fortunately, Jungkook and other BTS members didn’t answer the phone. But still, getting phone calls hundred times by unknown people are so disturbing, right?

BTS Sasaeng Stalking the Members

BTS Sasaeng Stalking the Members

Following BTS whenever and wherever they are, is one of the things that sasaeng like to do. Mostly, the sasaeng will wait and observe BTS and then proceed to follow them anywhere they go. Taking photos is a must for them and proudly uploading and sharing the taken photos on social media.

BTS Sasaeng Spamming the Members Phone

BTS Sasaeng Spamming the Members Phone

Sending spam messages and calls is another thing that sasaeng do to get their idol’s attention. This becomes annoying and uncomfortable for the idols as phone numbers are aimed to be kept private by the group and are not something they want to share or leak to the public world. 

BTS Members and Agency’s Reactions About BTS Sasaeng

bts v taehyung stalker sasaeng

BTS members shared their difficulties about being followed and harassed by Sasaeng. In one of his VLives, V talked about how Sasaeng made them feel uncomfortable since they are following BTS members by booking the same flight and seat in front of them. V asked fans to respect their privacy and not repeat that again.

As for the agency, Big Hit Entertainment has shared the list of BTS Sasaeng names, blacklisted, and even took off their ARMY membership so they can’t attend any BTS activities.

bts sasaeng agency

Unfortunately, even though BTS and their agency have taken actions towards Sasaengs, it still doesn’t stop them to do crazy things for BTS as they are still following them around until today.

From here, we can see that sasaengs are truly scary and dangerous, right? They would do anything in their power to get what they want. They do not care whether it is right or wrong, as long as they get what they want and can get closer to their idols. If you are truly a fan, you do not harass your idol. Please respect your idols and make sure to keep updated by reading our articles from Channel Korea!