Here Are Crazy Things Sasaeng Did to BTS!


BTS and Sasaeng Fans

Who doesn’t know BTS? BTS is the most hit group in today’s Kpop generation. They’ve achieved so many awards and achievements, and became the first Kpop group that performed and won the Billboard Music Awards. Their music videos also have millions of views – no wonder why they became the hottest trend and most-talked-group around the world.

The more famous a group is, the more problems they will have. Don’t worry though, the problems are not in BTS, but their sasaeng fans. Sasaeng fans are those people that claim themselves as fans. They are obsessed with their favorite idols to the point that they can harm the idols. BTS is no exception, and here are what sasaengs have done to BTS:

bts sasaeng

1. Grabbing

BTS is well-known in so many countries. They travel to various countries in a short amount of time and they have to go to the airport very often. No matter how often they travel, these sasaengmust be there following RM and the other members. They don’t hesitate to touch, pull, and even grab the members until they fall, even.

bts sasaeng airplane

2. Booked the same plane

Next is a video uploaded by BigHit’s staff in an airplane when the boys are heading somewhere. All the passengers are suspected to be sasaeng fans because most of them wore a hoodie and a mask, and they seemed to be in the same age range. Especially when the airplane had finally landed, all of them hurriedly got up and got out of the plane impatiently without taking care of their bags or luggage in the cabin. Unfortunately the video had been deleted by the staff. Creepy, aren’t they?

bts sasaeng

3. Personal information

Another thing sasaeng will do toward their favorite idols is searching for their personal information. They will do anything to get their schedules, phone numbers, addresses, and many more. Where do they get this information? It turns out that there are many insiders to the idols such as staffs, and even managers sell the idols’ personal information illegally.

bts sasaeng

4. Cutting

A topic about BTS is suddenly trending in twitter. The trending hashtag was #CuttingForKookie. This hashtag was trended for Jungkook, the youngest member of BTS. Not only Korean fans participated in this baffling event, but international fans also took a part. These sasaeng fans uploaded pictures of their wrists cut.

bts sasaaeng airport

5. Assault

Suga also experienced something unpleasing. One day when the boys were in the airport, a sasaeng that turned out to be his Japanese fansite chased and assaulted him. The owner of this fansite followed him everywhere even to the airplane and took endless pictures of him.