BTS Cooking Skill Through Time from ‘RUN BTS!’

Find Out Who’s the Best Cook Amongst BTS

Getting bored with your quarantine routines? If the answer is yes, then now is the perfect time to take a peek of BTS’s cooking skills in ARMY’s favorite live show, Run BTS!. For you who keep up with the show, you must’ve acknowledged that the Bangtan Boys are known to serve a turns-out-to-be comedy show. Whenever the boys get started with their acts in the kitchen, it turns into chaotic comedy!

However, how each member cooks sometimes teaches us some things that we don’t already know. So, who is the best chef among the members? Scroll down the article below to find out!


Run BTS! Episode 20

In the 20th episode of Run BTS!, the boys are divided up to two teams, with Suga and Jung-kook as the leaders of each team. Jung-kook has the chance to pick his team members, while Suga goes with the others. Jung-kook, RM, and J-hope have to cook Braised Spicy Chicken and Glazed Sweet Potatoes as their mission. Meanwhile, Sugam Jimin, and V have Braised Spicy Seafood and Pan-fried Potatoes. Both teams then proceed to start cooking as Jin, the MC, strolls around to film how well they do their cooking.

On Jung-kook’s team, RM looks like he’s struggling with the kitchen equipment, which makes it so funny! Thankfully, J-hope manages to help RM as Jung-kook’s right hand. On the Suga’s team, V seems to adapt with his job and is being so helpful to Jimin and Suga as they are busy cooking the ingredients. V even brings a blender that Jimin asks him to look for. Cutie!

So, who will cook the best dishes for Jin’s taste? Find out the winner in the clip below!

Run BTS! Episode 36

The 36th episodes of Run BTS! brings us back to the cooking studio! This time, the teams were divided into a dance line team consisting of Jung-kook, J-hope, and Jimin, while the other team consisted of Suga, RM, Jin, and V, which is not really a vocal line, but OK.

The episode’s concept is about kimchi, so the teams’ names are Team Napa Cabbage Kimchi, who had to cook Kimchi Japchae and Tonkatsu Kimchi Nabe (hot pot), and the other team, Team Radish Kimchi, had to make Radish Kimchi Fried Rice and Radish Kimchi Pork Stew. In this episode, the boys had to make a dish with the kimchi they have made last time, and the losing team had to do the cleanup!

Whoops! We can spot another talented chef, J-hope! Just as he says, when you are not sure about the right recipe, just trust J-hope.

At the end of the show, finally, the BTS managers acted as the judges try the boys’ cooking. Guess which team wins? Watch the entire episode to figure out who gets to clean up!


Run BTS! Episodes 57 and 58

In 2019, Run BTS! was back with another cooking episode. The director granted V’s request to cook Italian food. So, in this episode, V got to be the judge who had the chance to try the Italian food the other Bangtan Boys made. This time, the boys were divided into three teams and each team got to decide on the ingredients.

They had to make steak and pasta for three people in an hour, and there would be a penalty for the losing team according to the judge’s decision. Finally, they got to invite Park Jun Woo to guide the boys’ cooking! Where have you been, Chef? It’s been quite chaotic here!

While the boys have fun cooking, they also gain knowledge about ingredients that they had never heard of before. Watch the clip below to find out which team wins!

Run BTS! Episodes 102 and 103

This time Run BTS! was King of Avatar Cook, and was hosted by our lead dancer, J-hope! The game started with Jin and Suga, who are excellent in cooking, forming groups with the other members. They were given 40 minutes to cook. The rule of the game was to switch the cook and the director of the cooking steps every two minutes, while the direction-giver monitors the cook and the director from the screen. There was a chance coupon that could be used to get through the crisis mode. Finally, the final evaluation would be up to the MC. Watch the full episode on the clip below!


BTS Members’ Cooking Ranks

From all the Run BTS! cooking episodes so far, we’ve seen how much the guys’ cooking skills have improved from their debut time to the current day. Let’s check out the boys’ cooking rank!

  1. Jin (Because we just know he is the best cook in BTS)
  2. Suga (39.5% vote)
  3. Jung-kook (29.6% vote)
  4. V / RM (13.6% vote)
  5. J-Hope (11.1% vote)
  6. Jimin (6.2% vote)


Jin is the best cook in BTS! Just what a hyung should be. Well, whoever the best cook is, we still want to taste all of the members’ cooking, tho!

Have you watched all of the cooking episodes of Run BTS! mentioned above? Who do you think is the best cook, and whose cooking do you want to try the most? Drop your thoughts in the comment section below!