BTS’ RM’s Sister Kim Kyung-min: Profile, Relationship With RM, Etc.



BTS’ RM and His Relationship With His Little Sister

Do you know that BTS’ RM has a little sister? Many people learned that information after BTS’ RM spoke about her on some occasions. Moreover, his sister was born on the same day as the group’s debut which sounds like fate. In this article, Channel Korea will tell you everything about BTS’ RM’s sister, so stay tuned!

How Close Are BTS’ RM and His Sister?


BTS has become one of the most influential K-pop boy groups nowadays and is managed by the agency Big Hit. All of the members received popularity with the support of the fans, agency, and family, of course. Kim Nam-joon or BTS’ RM has received a lot of support from his family while he chased after his dream in the K-pop music industry.

Aside from that, as BTS’ leader, RM has such good leadership skills and a mature image. Not only an image but he indeed is a mature person like an older brother that you can look up to. RM is a good brother for his sibling, a younger sister!


Many fans, especially ARMY (BTS’ fandom name), are curious about RM’s younger sister and want to know more details about her. However, RM is quite private when it comes to his younger sister since he is taking care of her very well. But, don’t worry, Channel Korea has summarized everything that you need to know about RM’s little sister here!

More Details About BTS’ RM’s Sister, Kim Kyung-min


BTS’ RM’s younger sister is recognized very well by fans, especially after they got to know that their idol has a sister. For those of you who are curious, BTS’ RM’s sister is Kim Kyung-min. Just like her brother, Kim Kyung-min is also as adorable as BTS’ RM!

However, RM has always kept her out of the media since he is quite protective of her. From several sources, it has been revealed that Kim Kyung-min was born on June 13, 1997. Aside from that, she is reportedly the youngest member in the family and receives much love from the others, including RM.

BTS' RM and his sister

It seems like Kim Kyung-min is still in college or probably is doing some work stuff considering her birth year. Even though RM is being protective of her, after much consideration, RM once said that if there was one member of BTS that he would introduce to his sister, it would be Jimin. Well, the way RM protects his sister also makes us love RM even more, right?

Fan Reactions About BTS’ RM’s Sister


Some BTS fans also gave various reactions about BTS’ RM‘s sister. Mostly, they praise how RM takes care of his sister and how close their relationship is. The fact that she is an ARMY as well also makes them very fond of the siblings’ relationship!


That is everything about BTS’ RM’s sister, Kim Kyung-min! Although she is kept out of the media, people will always respect that decision. It seems like we also admire how BTS’ RM takes care of his little sister, right? Do you also think that RM’s sister is as adorable as him? Leave a comment below about that, and you can also share this article on your social media!