Everything About BTS’ RM: His IQ, Speaking English, Mixtape, and More!

Thoughts on Military Service

Last year, BTS had been rumored to possibly be exempt from military service due to their success in the entertainment industry. However, BTS responded and said that they would definitely serve in military service no matter what.


The same year, RM was seen to have a medical check-up at the Medical Center. He even didn’t go through the special line provided for celebrities during the checkup. His fans assumed that he would probably serve in military service soon. The agency didn’t release an official statement regarding the issue but some people clarified that doing a medical check-up doesn’t mean the person will enlist any time soon. As Korean citizens should check up their health regularly, they were convinced that RM might not serve and take a hiatus from BTS in the meantime.

During their preparation for their world tour in America, they did an interview with Seth Doane in the CBS Sunday Morning that was broadcasted on April 21st, 2019. In the interview, Seth Doane mentioned about their mandatory military service. Jin replied, “As a Korean, it’s natural. And someday when duty calls, we’ll be ready to respond and do our best.” Jong-kook also responded, “I don’t want to think about it at this point. We have something really good going.” Lastly, RM said, “We just enjoy the ride, live in the moment, and that’s all we can do.”

You can watch the full interview below.

From the pieces of information above, RM is indeed an amazing idol who is full of talents. Aside from his rapping skills, he is smart and a genius with excellent problem-solving abilities. His intelligence has also been proven through learning English all by himself. His creativity doesn’t stop only in writing many songs, he also makes mixtapes collaborating with several artists. We can conclude that RM really deserves the leader title and is inspiring for an idol. Let’s give him lots of support and look forward to his other surprising reveals in the future!