Find Complete Information About BTS’ RM’s Girlfriend and Dating Rumor Here!

rm girlfriend

The BTS Rap Monster and His Possibly Secret Relationship You Should Know!

RM is BTS’ member who is popular for his rapping talent. That’s why he is called a rap monster. His real name is Kim Nam-joon. He became a trainee for around three years in Big Hit Entertainment and debuted with BTS in 2013.

As BTS becomes more and more popular, their dating rumors are something that fans and many people keep waiting and searching for. The past and recent girlfriends of RM are also among them. In this Channel-Korea article, you will find complete information about RM’s girlfriends and dating rumors! Stay reading!

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BTS’ RM Has Never Dated Publicly

rm girlfriend

To this day, RM still has not gone out publicly about any relationships. His relationship status is something that is difficult to state, and other members of BTS are also not yet publicly sharing relationships.

As a matter of fact, RM along with BTS members Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook are at the peak of their careers, so they are possibly too busy to be in a relationship. Some of the South Korean entertainment companies prohibit their artists from dating publicly, and even fans object to this matter. However, BTS expressed that their fans (called ARMY) already understand dating is an individual thing and a different matter.

BTS’ RM Talked About His Ex Girlfriends

rm girlfriend

RM revealed that he dated a girl back in high school. However, their relationship is something that could be explained. RM explained that he was incompatible with his girlfriend, so they broke up.

RM expressed that her ex-girlfriend had many guy friends. Although for him having guy friends was not the problem, she did things that are unacceptable as a girlfriend. This made their relationship end because RM never wanted to hurt his pure intention for her.

BTS’ RM’s Ideal Type

rm girlfriend

RM revealed his ideal type as someone who is smart and feminine. He added that his type is someone who is beautiful in casual clothes and can be sexy. Moreover, he prefers a girl who doesn’t smoke and goes clubbing often. This can conclude that his ideal type is someone who has good character and is positive.

In fact, in a BTS interview, RM expressed that he had a crush on Hollywood’s Blake Lively before.

BTS’ RM’s Dating Rumor and Girlfriend List

rm girlfriend

Along with his career, RM has never shown his private life. However, in 2020, he was rumored to have a secret engagement (or even a wife). Some fans were paying attention to the ring that he wears often.

In South Korean culture, wearing a ring isn’t always necessarily a sign of marriage, but if someone keeps wearing it, it could be an exchange ring for a dating couple or for an engagement. This rumor spread fast, and it made some people surprised about whether it’s true or not. Yet, RM was spotted wearing the ring to several events at that time. Until now, it’s only a rumor, and there is no proof about this.

RM said in one of his interviews that he doesn’t need a relationship now since he has many fans. Although RM is single right now, here are the celebrities that have been gossiped to be his girlfriends. Check it out below!

BTS’ RM With Solo Singer Ailee

rm girlfriend

Ailee is a South Korean singer who is speculated to be in a special relationship with BTS’ RM. She debuted in 2012 with her charismatic voice, especially in ballad songs. Fans have spotted their cute interactions during their activity together as MCs in some events.

rm girlfriend

RM and Ailee were seen laughing and talking closely during a busy event. However, this is just a rumor since there is no confirmation about their romantic relationship. It shows only professional business relationships.

BTS’ RM With MAMAMOO’s Hwasa

rm girlfriend

Hwasa is a member of the girl group MAMAMOO. She has swag and cool representation in her performances. RM was spotted with Hwasa at events with a lot of celebrities during the 2017 Seoul Music Awards.

RM showed emotion when Hwasa gave her award speech. Then, he also gave a short bow when others only clapped when she finished her speech. Fans assumed that they have similarities in expressing their music that contains self-love. Moreover, they both also have charismatic stage presence. Until now, there’s no uncover about their love relationship.

BTS’ RM With TWICE’s Chaeyoung

rm girlfriend

Chaeyoung is a rapper for the popular girl group TWICE which debuted in 2015. RM and Chaeyoung were spotted making eye contact during Melon Music Awards. Chaeyoung was also looking awkward and tidied her hair when RM went in front of her.

Some fans said that the rumor is quite correct, and they were secretly dating. But, again, their labels never confirmed this romantic relationship gossip.

That’s the complete information about BTS RM’s girlfriends and dating rumors. Keep supporting RM’s career and projects along the way. So, which one do you think is probably true? Give your comments and share them on Twitter, too! Let us know your opinion.