Everything You Need To Know About BTS’ RM’s Dog: Name, Breed, Moments, Etc.


BTS’ RM and His Adorable Dog

BTS’ RM was once spotted with a beautiful white dog which drew attention, especially among ARMY (BTS’ official fandom name). They found it very adorable when BTS’ RM made a little interaction with the dog. Turns out, the dog belongs to him, and the fans became more curious about the dog. In this article, Channel Korea will explain to you more details about BTS’ RM’s dog, so stay tuned!

BTS’ RM and His Dog, Rapmon

BTS RM dog

People must be very familiar with Big Hit‘s sensational boy group, BTS. The group has seven members who look like a bunch of deities. Aside from their kind and adorable personalities, did you know that all of BTS’ members are fond of animals and pets?

The charming leader of BTS, RM, is also one of them. He has an adorable pet who has lived with him for a long time, or you can say that the pet is also one of BTS’ RM’s number one supporters! Do you want to know more about RM’s cute pet? Let’s get the answer here!

What Kind of Dog Does RM Have?

BTS RM dog

BTS’ RM has an adorable male dog named Rapmon. His name is also a part of Kim Nam-joon’s first stage name during BTS’ debut, Rap Monster. RM calls him Moonie as well. The dog is a white American Eskimo that looks fluffy and as white as snow.

Rapmon was introduced by RM to the public in 2013 through a Twitter post. Ever since that, ARMY has recognized him and also thinks that he is very cute. Since RM has been busy with his occupation, Rapmon lives with RM’s parents and his younger sisters. All of the family takes care of him very well.

BTS RM and his dog

RM and Rapmon have a close bond, although RM doesn’t see him very often. When he can go back to his house, he spends time with Rapmon. Even during some V Live sessions, RM always talks about Rapmon!

BTS’ RM’s Moments With His Dog

BTS RM and his dog

Let’s take a look at BTS’ RM and Rapmon’s moments together here:

Once RM gets home and meets Rapmon, he spends the majority of his time with him. They play together, RM teaches him some dog tricks, and he records their moments through videos or pictures!

BTS RM dog, Rapmon

RM is such a good “father” for Rapmon since he always puts him first. Just like during the 8th birthday of Rapmon on March 2021, RM posted Rapmon’s picture with a candle on Twitter and wrote, “It’s his birthday.” Not only that, but ARMY celebrated the precious pet of RM as well that day!

RM often simply has a walk with Rapmon, and through this lovely picture, we can feel the warmness of their bond, right?

BTS RM and Rapmon

That is everything about BTS’ RM and his adorable pet, Rapmon! The fans have felt very happy while seeing RM and Rapmon’s cute interactions, especially when RM is taking care of him very well.




We also hope to see more fluffy content from Rapmon in the future! Do you also think that Rapmon is very adorable? Share your thoughts through the comment below, and don’t forget to share this article on your social media!