Get to Know the BTS Positions: Rap Line, Vocal Line, Dancer Line, Visual Line

BTS Positions: Dancer Line

A lead dancer usually leads the group choreography by dancing at the front during the group formation. The lead dancer is very skilled but is considered secondary to the main dancer, usually has some part in the singing, and is often seen dancing near the main dancer in the group.

Main dancers are expected to have superior dance skills, and usually focus less on singing. They can be seen front and center during the dance break, and are the dancers most likely to receive solo performances. The play dancer sometimes takes on the role of coach and helps other members during rehearsals, and some can even contribute to creating choreography for the group.

BTS’s J-Hope is one of the members who has a position as the main dancer of the group and is very famous for his talent in dancing. In addition, there is a member who was born in Busan in 1995, which is BTS’s Jimin, who is also popular in the show off his dancing skills. For the lead dancer, BTS has V and also Jungkook who is always seen leading the choreography in many of the performances they do.

BTS Positions: Visual Line

Fans often wonder how the K-Pop industry can assign a visual role when each member is so beautiful and handsome. However, it was not uncommon for groups to have multiple visuals. Visuals are considered the most attractive members of the group or have a distinctive appearance that differentiates them from the rest. They are often relied on for endorsements and are placed in the center of group photos because of their striking appearance. This can be considered visual, but not always the face of the group.

Based on Kprofiles, there are two visuals in BTS, namely Jin and V. The member who is known by the real name Kim Seok-jin is very popular with his nickname ‘World Wide Handsome’ as a joke from his father because his pose is always viral when the camera is facing him and BTS’s Jin is always ready to give a flying kiss. Although Jin is often seen as cocky about his visuals, he is still conscious about his vocals and dance which he has had to master over the years.

It’s no secret that V has a beautiful face which often makes him the nickname of the most handsome K-Pop artist. Recently a music site Spinditty gave V the nickname, ‘The Most Beautiful K-Pop Idol Artist 2021’. Spinditty, which has a list of more than 1 million people, ordained V as the hottest K-Pop artist in 2021 after conducting an opinion poll. This is not the first time V has received such a title thanks to his handsome face.

Thanks to the popularity with BTS, the name V is even more looming because his face is considered handsome above average. The nickname ‘The Visual Representative of K-Pop’ to ‘National Treasure Visual’ which is always given by Korean media is what finally made V dubbed the ‘Most Beautiful K-Pop Idol 2021’. Previously, V was also awarded the title of ‘The Most Beautiful Face in the World’ in 2017 by the American TC Candler community. A plastic surgeon who has appeared on a Brazilian TV show has even mentioned the characteristics or composition of V’s handsome face. The strength of V’s handsome face comes from his beautiful eyes.

“Taehyung has big eyes, a strong image of a masculine male figure. His eyes are very charismatic, and his chin is also sharp. He has a masculine image that many men crave,” said the plastic surgeon as quoted by JMedia. Meanwhile, V is known to have recently collaborated with singer cum songwriter, NIve. NIve is also the figure behind the creator of BTS’s single “Blue & Gray” with V. Their introduction was made through their second friend, Paul Kim.

BTS Members’ Positions During Album Preparation in 2020

The more popular BTS become in the entertainment industry, the more new things they want to try to step up their game and get to the next level. As musicians, they also want to give their best to fans through their talents and skills. In the release of an album designed for the end of 2020, BTS announced that each member would later release a new album, most of which included each member.

Let’s take a look at the section below for more details about the BTS members who worked on the release of the album BE!

Ji-min as Music Project Manager

On May 1st, 2020, Jimin gave a little leak while doing live streaming on the official BTS YouTube channel. According to Jimin, BTS will produce their next album. Therefore, they chose a project manager. Apparently, Suga highly recommended him to be the music manager for BTS’s next album. “I became the music manager. Suga gave his opinion. He told me, ‘I want you to get closer to music through this,’ and highly recommended me (being a project manager). I am very grateful for his opinion,” said Jimin.

Then, Jimin said he didn’t know what to do. However, he promised to do his best. “As a PM, what I can do now is ask the other members how they want to work, what stories they want, and how many songs they want,” Jimin said. “In addition,” Jimin continued, of course, he would also ask about the style and type of music in the latest album. According to Jimin, it is very important to know what all BTS members want and communicate it with their label.

So far, Jimin said communication with other BTS members is going well. In fact, Jimin had time to show fans a few documents with the opinions of each BTS member. “There is pride in being able to accommodate your friends’ opinions and communicate them to the agency. I will send it now,” Jimin said.

Before the album BE was released on November 20th, 2020, six BTS members attended the global press conference which was broadcast live on Big Hit Entertainment’s YouTube channel. During the press conference, Jimin once again explained his role as Project Manager. “I’m the music project manager for this album,” Jimin said. After discussing with BTS members and staff, Jimin finally took on the role. “Actually, Suga strongly advised me to take the role. I gathered the opinions of the members, organized them, and sent them to the staff,” Jimin explained.

The young man who was born in Busan then explained his creative process to become a Project Manager. Jimin explained, during the work on the album, BTS members started by talking about the topics they would raise in the album. Until the keyword ‘Life Goes On’ appeared, the leader, RM, then advised the members to show how life goes on when things change.

RM as Producer

In November 2020, BTS were busy preparing for their new comeback album titled BE. In a new report of a review of songs that will be coming to broadcast, KBS revealed which BTS member is credited as the songwriter of all the BE album tracks. The title song, “Life Goes On,” was co-written by RM, Suga, and J-Hope. Other songwriters who worked on the song include Pdogg, Ruuth, Chris James, and Antonina Armato.

The title track “Life Goes On,” which is described as an alternative hip-hop song with a sentimental acoustic guitar sound, has a comforting message about life going on in the face of sudden distractions and unwanted circumstances.

SUGA as Album Jacket Visual Manager

As the rapper of BTS, Suga took on a new role in the making of BE. Judging from his recent hobby of painting, he is thought to be the visual manager for the physical album displays.

J-Hope as Choreographer

Apart from “Life Goes On,” the BE album has six other tracks including “Blue & Gray,” “Telepathy,” “Dis-ease,” “Fly to My Room,” “Stay,” and “Skit.” J-Hope is known to be the main producer of the song “Dis-ease.” J-Hope has always been credited as the composer and songwriter of BTS’s albums since debut. So do not be surprised if this man born in 1994 is credited for 4 of the 7 new songs in the album BE.

BTS previously revealed that J-Hope had produced a masterpiece through the song “Dis-ease.” It is stated that “Dis-ease” will become an old-school hip-hop song that has a characteristic. Beside making one of the tracks on their newest album, J-Hope as the main dancer of BTS acts as a choreographer.

Jung-kook as Video Project Manager

During the live stream on October 21st, 2020, Jungkook confirmed that he is in charge of the project manager for the video. Army knows that Jungkook is talented in this field and has been channeling it through the YouTube channel Golden Closet Film (GCF). BTS’s Jungkook also said that he likes filming videos in general and this time he also had the opportunity to direct the music video for “Life Goes On.” “I tried my best when I was assigned to make the music video and also reflected the opinions of the members as much as possible,” BTS’s Jungkook said. Then, he also shared his dream of making even better music videos in the future.

Well, that’s all the detailed information about BTS members and their positions in the group. The same goes by with their latest project that they worked together on, namely the album BE. Let’s give support and love to BTS, hope that in the future, they can continue to work together to produce music that inspires fans and many people. If you like this article, don’t forget to share on your social media and stay tuned for more interesting upcoming articles from Channel-Korea!