All About BTS Online Concert ‘BANG BANG CON’


Everything You Need To Know About BTS’s Virtual Concert: BANG BANG CON

For ARMYs and other BTS fans around the world, going to a BTS concert and seeing them perform live is like a dream cone true, especially when the group is touring in the fan’s home country. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has forced countries all over the world to institute restrictions on travel and movement to protect everyone’s health and safety, meaning the group isn’t currently touring or performing for live audiences.

As an alternative, have you ever imagined that you could attend a BTS concert that was being live-streamed? Through this article, Channel Korea will give you the detailed information about BTS’s planned online streaming concert, Bang Bang Con, so stay tuned!

About Bang Bang Con


As you can see from the title, BANG BANG CON was a project for an online concert by BTS. The event was a ‘virtual’ or ‘online’ concert, so ARMYs all over the world could ‘attend’ the event while they were staying at home during their self-quarantine session! BANG BANG CON was also available for free access at the same time all over the world.

The project was confirmed by Big Hit Entertainment. It was revealed that BANG BANG CON was replacing the group’s world tour for ‘Map of The Soul’, but due to the pandemic, it was changed into an online concert instead. Such a thoughtful concept, right? Previously, the BTS members expressed their disappointment that they wouldn’t be able to see ARMYs in person for their world tour, but with the online concert, they did hope that it would be better than nothing, both for their fans and themselves.

According to VARIETY, the BANG BANG CON event would show both BTS’s concert and their fan meetings from 2014 era until 2019, as well! Since it was a special online streaming concert, BANG BANG CON was divided into eight parts. The event was available on BTS’s official YouTube channel, BANGTANTV, so people could watch it for free! In addition, ARMYs also could also see BANG BANG CON through the media tab in Weverse, as well!

Not only that, those ARMYs who have ARMY Bombs (BTS’s official light stick) were able to to get the ‘real’ concert experience with the items, as well! Big Hit Entertainment provided a system through the Weverse app where ARMYs could sync their ARMY Bomb through the app, and their ARMY Bomb would shine during the online streaming concert!

bang bang con

Not only that, there were also e-tickets for BANG BANG CON, just like the real process if you bought concert tickets for the show! The whole thing was put together in a way to give ARMYs the closest experience to attending a live concert performance. Even though they weren’t officially released, since the tickets were fan-made, there were still a bunch of ARMYs who got the tickets to enhance their concert experience!

bang bang con

Concert Schedule


The online concert was held over the course of two days, April 18 and 19, 2020. It took place at 12 PM KST (Korean time) through BTS’s official YouTube channel, BANGTANTV. Meanwhile, for the international time it took place on April 17 and April 18, 2020, at 11:00 PM Eastern time, as well.

The first day of BANG BANG CON mostly consisted of BTS’s tour performance and their performance documentary from throughout the years. The second day of BANG BANG CON, BTS was presenting a kind of nostalgic time through their documentaries from right before their debut, such as in BTS 2014 Live Trilogy: Episode II The Red Bullet, which showed the years before BTS became a world-wide phenomenon!

The details of the schedule for BANG BANG CON’s first day included things like 2015 BTS LIVE: The Most Beautiful Moment in Life On Stage, 2016 BTS LIVE: The Most Beautiful In Life, and BTS 3RD Muster. Meanwhile, the second day, the schedule included BTS 2014 Live Trilogy: Episode II The Red Bullet, 2017 BTS Live Trilogy Episode III The Wings Tour in Seoul, 2017 BTS Live Trilogy Episode III The Wings Tour The Final, BTS 4TH Muster (Happy Ever After), and BTS World Tour ‘Love Yourself‘ in Seoul.

BTS’s Appearance During Break Time


There was also another exciting moment during BANG BANG CON: it was BTS’s appearance during the break time! There was a kind of ‘break’ time during each of the group’s performance during BANG BANG CON. In that spare time, the BTS members would appear through the VCR, and it felt as though if they were greeting ARMYs!

The members of the group appeared on the screen, and it helped those ARMYs who were practically hyperventilating over BTS and BANG BANG CON! Some of those moments also made ARMYs get emotional, since they brought up memories of the group’s career journey and moments with their faithful fans, as well.

There were some funny moments in the videos of the members they showed during the breaks. RM and Jungkook showed off their little exercises, and there were also moments when all the BTS members were gathering together and doing a little exercise, as well! Their slight appearance entertained ARMYs and helped mellow out their ‘volume up’ moods before continuing the BANG BANG CON online concert!