BTS’ Mistreatment Since Pre-debut That You Should Know

BTS’ Jungkook’s Mistreatment And Burger Incident On ‘Flower Crew 2016’

BTS Mistreatment

In “Flower Path”, the 6 cast members competed against each other to be the leader of the variety show with much support from the audience. Meanwhile, those who do not get support have to be content to be the chairman of the ‘dirt path’.

BTS’ Jungkook came to the set with a bag of hamburgers and gave them to the members. But unfortunately, he gets unpleasant treatment from Seho.

“I thought it was a leftover hamburger,” Seho quipped. “No, this is new,” Jungkook said. Without feeling guilty, Seho took the two hamburgers that Jungkook had brought and left. “Forget it,” he said.

Seho’s attitude then received strong criticism from netters. They compactly considered what he was doing was very inappropriate for his juniors.

“Where did you learn that it’s okay to say, ‘I thought it was leftovers’ to a junior who bought you a hamburger?” a netter’s critique. “He looks very embarrassing. Of course, this is a variety show, but it’s outrageous,” said another.

BTS Mistreatment

After Jungkook, Seho was also rude to Kim Min-suk. When eating a hamburger, Seho came and said words in a language netters thought was very rude.

“I apologize for making the audience uncomfortable,” said Seho. “I might act differently when I try to get to know (Jungkook and Min-suk) better.”

BTS Mistreatment

Jungkook, who was previously considered a ‘victim’, also commented. This BTS member said he enjoyed the filming process and admitted that the other “Flower Cast” members were very considerate of him.

“During filming, it felt comfortable, but after the broadcast, the atmosphere became different,” said Jungkook. “I am very happy, and the other members are also very considerate of me even when they are no longer filming.”

BTS Didn’t Include As The Line-Up On ‘Busan One Festival 2016’

BTS Mistreatment

The appearance of BTS was apparently not shown by the SBS television station. However, netizens were shocked because SBS did not broadcast their appearance. Netters can’t even see BTS’s appearance on the V App.

BTS Mistreatment

“Does anyone know why BTS’s appearance at the Busan One Festival was not broadcast on TV or the V App? They didn’t even allow them to leave the stage like other performers,” wrote a netter.

There is also a rumor that SBS accidentally removed BTS from the line-up. No official announcement from SBS when BTS was canceled to appear on the stage.

However, BTS knows that many ARMYs have come. As a result, they continue to perform several songs without the camera’s spotlight. Not only that, the stage condition was also messy with lots of confetti.

BTS Mistreatment

Not only that, but BTS also performed after the event was over. This also made ARMY angry. There has been no explanation until now why this could happen.

BTS was rumored to perform without RM, the leader, because of his health condition. The agency explained that RM had leg pain and was taken to the doctor after their latest choreo practice.

BTS’ Manager Threatening One Of The Members

BTS Mistreatment

In 2015, a video circulated on the internet, BTS’ managers threatened one of the members, and it turned out to be Jungkook. The short clip was taken from BTS’ “2016 Seasons Greetings DVD” making a video.

From the video, the manager raised his hand as if he was going to hit BTS’ Jungkook. In response, BTS’ Jungkook flinched out of fear and reflex to avoid the action.

BTS Mistreatment

There are other reports that the manager was saying, “Get lost while I’m still speaking nicely.”

As a clarification, BigHit Entertainment released an apology on December 10, 2015. They said that it was the manager’s fault and the company will decide on the problematic action that many people saw and the responsibility to dismiss the manager’s position.

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