Uncover BTS’s Debate About Mint Chocolate Flavor

bts mint chocolate

The Difficult Debate Yet Fun About Mint Chocolate with BTS!

BTS or Bangtan Sonyeodan is a Kpop star group that succeeds in influencing the world with its song and talent. All of their brand collaboration becomes somewhat popular. From 2021 to 2022, mint chocolate is a flavor that is interestingly famous. BTS member also put mint chocolate as the debate on their show, Run BTS! which bring two different sides of opinion. Which one hates and likes mint chocolate?

Check what BTS said about mint chocolate on this Channel-Korea below! Stay reading!

What BTS Debate About Mint Chocolate Flavor

bts mint chocolate

The appearance of mint chocolate flavor is debatable since some love it and some hate it. RM, Suga, Jungkook, V, Jimin, J-Hope, and Jin talked about their perspective on this flavor. It’s actually a fun-tough discussion on their V-Live Run BTS! that concluded with two teams with different opinions.

Mint Chocolate Flavor

bts mint chocolate

The combination of the flavors mint and chocolate is quite interesting. It started with the popularity of mint chocolate ice cream that lifted this topic discussion around BTS. The sensation of cool and sweet is something that is expected with this flavor, do you think you will like this mint chocolate. Check what all members took a side on this flavor below!

Suga Claimed Okay with Mint Chocolate

bts mint chocolate
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The beginning of the debate is led by Suga, on the episode of Run BTS! during the language arts class of BTS School as part of three school episodes. Suga comes neutral with mint chocolate ice cream. He didn’t hate or be happy with mint chocolate but okay with it. Nothing to bother with this flavor.

Suga represents the home teacher in this episode and the other members as pupils. He leads the debate on this episode which has some rules and penalties.

BTS Member Who Against Mint Chocolate: RM, Jin, Jimin, V

bts mint chocolate

RM, Jin, Jimin, and V give a solid statement about their opinion regarding mint chocolate. They agreed the taste is like toothpaste.

Jin expressed that producing mint chocolate is such a waste of budget. He added that mostly food with blue and green is not appetizing, why should defend the most unappetizing food to see.

Moreover, RM said that mint chocolate should be lost. Besides, Jin said, the taste is like mixing the ice cream with toothpaste, so imagine how weird it is.

BTS Member Who Likes Mint Chocolate: J-Hope, Jungkook

bts mint chocolate

The other two members, J-Hope and Jungkook expressed positively about mint chocolate. J-Hope said that mint chocolate is refreshing, just like you already brushed your teeth.

Jungkook defends mint chocolate by explaining that if they don’t like it just avoid and don’t buy it. Simple Jungkook! The wise Jungkook also said that just respect the other people’s food choices. So he concluded that let them sell mint chocolate to comfort the minority.

That’s all about BTS and their debate about mint chocolate. Do you ever taste mint chocolate flavor? Which side will you choose Jin’s side or Jungkook’s side? Put your comments and share your thoughts below. Keep supporting BTS and their music in the future!