Take a Closer Look at BTS Members’ Piercing – How Many Does They Have?


Meet the Most Influential Boy Group—BTS!

BTS have proven that they are not just an ordinary Korean idol group, because every year they’ve received more big awards, either nationally, internationally, or both. All of their achievements weren’t easy to come by, at first, before BTS became so popular they went through a lot of hardships, but the group never gave up.

Remember the year the members thought the group might disband instead of extending their contracts, as they said on the 2018 MAMA? In February 2019, they attended the biggest music awards ceremony in America, the Grammy Awards! Why? It’s because they chose not to give up, despite the big internal or external problems that various BTS members had.

Not only because of their music impact on the world and their great personalities, but BTS members also grab the public’s attention with their fashion style, from their clothes to their accessories. Today we are going to provide you with all the information about each BTS member’s piercings, so let’s get started!

BTS Members And Their Piercings


Piercings are known as the most favorite accessories worn by K-Pop artists. Not only female artists, but they are also popular among male artists as well. We need to agree that there’s no male and female division in fashion. Boys often wear skirts and skinny jeans too. Now back to the topic of Piercings!

One of the most popular K-pop boy bands, BTS, are also into piercings. They wear these accessories in their performances and daily lives. Their piercings are unique to the points that you want to try it too. They even often change their piercings style frequently.

Now let’s take a look at each BTS member’s piercings!

How Many Piercings Does Jin Have?

The eldest member, Jin, only has two piercings, both on his left ear. He was also the only one in BTS that has piercings on only one of his ears. Jin is one of the members who has a simple yet elegant style. He often changes his hair almost in a random way sometimes. But it never fails to make him stunning and his fans blushing. Even though he has a quite casual style, he has piercings in one of his ears. And you know, sometimes the half part makes it more unique, and it’s exactly what we see in Jin’s appearance. He looks cool with great piercings on his ear.

Sometimes we can see him highlight his piercings for his performances. And that’s probably a very nice angle to show his face shape and even more, and complete his look with the accessories. Back in the day, his piercings looked like some key for handcuffs. Maybe it’s your heart-cuff! Who knows. The fact that he stuck with the same piercings makes him true to his style.


How Many Piercings Does Suga Have?

Daegu boy, Min Yoongi, also known as Suga, has 5 piercings on both of his ears. There are three on his left ear and two on the right.


Before debuting, Suga was seen to have a Helix piercing but, since he hasn’t worn it for a while, the hole could be closed up now.


Suga is known for his changing piercings. He doesn’t stick to only one. Just like hair, he likes to pay extra attention to his piercings. He wears his piercings most of the time i.e., performances, red carpet, interviews, and even daily life. Fans find it interesting to notice and know whether he changes to new piercings from time to time. He had his cartilage piercings since BTS’s early days. It’s over the fan’s social media account who often compare his piercings from the past and now.

If you take a look at his ear in some of the photos, you can see that he had old cartilage with no earrings. There is a possibility that he has seven cartilages and has another two piercings besides what he often shows now. It is based on the picture. Even without those extra earrings in those cartilages, he still looks so cool, right? But from time to time, it closes up now. He also often wears simple earrings like circle jewelry on both of his ears on some occasions like an interview.

How Many Piercings Does J-Hope Have?

Our sunshine, J-Hope, doesn’t have any piercings. At a past fan signing event, fans were asking him why he didn’t have any piercings, and his answer was, “Because I’m a man~!”

Having said that, in 2018, while doing a photoshoot for the album Love Yourself: Tear, J-Hope was spotted with piercings on both of his ears. Take a look at the pictures below for the evidence:


BTS went live on Naver Vlive for a segment called BTS Comeback Preview Show on May 18th and, during the live streaming, J-Hope mentioned his piercings, saying, “It’s not actual earrings, they are ear cuffs. My ears feel kinda empty so I decided to try some ear cuffs.”

He then continued, “I don’t have any plans to get my ear pierced. I’m the only member who hasn’t pierced their ears. I love my ears so much and I want them to remain the pure, natural way that they are,” J-Hope explained.


How Many Piercings Does RM Have?

The genuine leader of BTS, RM, has two piercings, one on each of his ears. Just exactly like his simple personality, the style of his piercings is simple yet cool-looking.


As simple as Jin, RM also does not put too much on his ears. Even if he has two piercings, it looks so simple yet elegant. It makes him look so tidy but as trendy as the other members. Sometimes he just changes the earrings for both. Like going from a piece of lux jewelry to the bold earring’s colors like black. Other members might have changed their style quite often. They’re rarely seen with all black clothes and dark eyeliner. They often change their hairstyles for every comeback, and they look so refreshing.

Despite all that, RM is still loyal to his two piercings without adding too much. He wears one on each ear and chooses a small one. You can see it from his appearance at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards, which was held on February 10th, 2019, and Billboard Music Awards, which was held on May 1st, 2019.

How Many Piercings Does Jimin Have?

Our mochi Jiminie has five piercings, three of which are on his left and two on his right ear. There is a higher helix piercing on Jimin’s left ear, as well.


Jimin has unique and many piercings on his ears. With the five piercings on both his ears, he is often seen wearing simple and various earrings. In photoshoots, sometimes he wears simple circle jewelry. Then, on another occasion, he came with bold long earrings of different sizes. If other K-pop idols might pop-up with a new hairstyle for their comeback, Jimin would love to come back with new piercings and earrings. It happened in 2019 where he got back to VLIVE where he proudly showed his new piercings to ARMY.

It just happened around eight days before when he kind of said that he wanted a new piercing. He literally did it and proved himself as one of the princes of ARMY. It was decided between him and his manager in the car, and it came so fast.

How Many Piercings Does V Have?

Taehyung or V, has 5 piercings on his ears, three of which are on his left ear and two are on his right.


However, his three left piercings are much smaller and V often wears a chain or longer, dangling earrings on his ears.


RM and Jin love wearing a piece of simple earrings in their piercings, and V is in another rhythm. He likes to experiment not only with his hair, but his way of wearing an earring. He wears a long chain earring a lot. We often see him with his long earrings in one of his piercings and only one side. Previously, his earrings might not have been noticeable, but in BTS’s comeback with the song “DNA,” his earrings were so beautiful and long.

ARMY once caught V’s appearance with lip piercings on BTS’s Love Yourself: Tear album. V then explained that it was fake, and he’s still loyal to his five piercings on his ears. He practically wears different kinds of earrings in his piercings for every comeback. This opened up another job for ARMY, which is spotting his new earrings.

How Many Piercings Does Jungkook Have?

As the youngest member of the group, our golden maknae, Jungkook, holds the record among his hyungs. This boy has 8 piercings! There are three lower piercings on both of his ears, and two helix piercings on top of his right ear.


He often wears a simple circle earring, but it is throughout his piercings, which makes it unique and special. Seeing him with a lot of earrings makes him look like the cool maknae of BTS that he is. He sometimes wears a long one on one of his ears. But he does not put that many earrings on him because it’ll be too much.

We can often see him wearing various earring styles like double circles, two different long motives, and a combination of circle and long earrings on his ears. Sometimes, it’s hard to count his piercings because he doesn’t put earrings in all his piercings, so we need to take a lot of footage to see it. It’s easy to count his piercings when he wears simple circle jewelry like on July 23rd, 2019, on some of the Twitter social media of his fans. Looking at the many piercings he has, there’s the possibility that he has come back in the day but some have already closed up.

BTS Members’ Ear Piercings

  • Jungkook is still the one who has the most piercings out of all the members. He has the most various and unique ones as well. Although he is the maknae, he rocks his piercings when it comes to earrings. 
  • V, Jimin, and Suga are in the second position with having five piercings on their ears. V once appeared with a lip piercing, which made fans think he has another new one, but it turned out to be a fake piercing. So, he’s still in the BTS five club in terms of piercings. 
  • RM and Jin are still loyal with their two piercings with simple earrings in almost all their performance. 
  • Their ranking from the most to the less would be Jungkook, V, Jimin, Suga, RM, Jin, and J-Hope.
  • Who wants J-Hope to have a piercing next year? Because he doesn’t have any piercings and not sure if he has the intention to have one. But no worries, we can still see him in earrings. 
  • According to their appearance with earrings, V and Jungkook are the ones who wear the most various types and models of earrings. The long ones have a special uniqueness. 

We can’t agree more that piercings and fashionable earrings have become one of the great angles of boy groups in the K-pop industry. It makes them look more fashionable, bold, and charming. Despite their hair and clothing style, the earrings are a must accessory. The way they make it new in every comeback they have makes fans more attached to them because they need to spot it out first. Let’s hope to hear a lot of good news about new member piercings again next year.