Which BTS Member Has A Girlfriend?

Jeong Ye In of Lovelyz

yein lovelyz

The lead dancer of Lovelyz, Jeong Ye In, had stuck on dating rumor with Jungkook since long time ago. Many netizens thought that they wore similar clothes and also look at each other on “Idol Athletics Championship 2016”. But they were also many netizen stated that it wasn’t a strong proof of them dating.

Jung Chae Yeon of DIA / ex-member I.O.I

jung chaeyeon dia

Even though both sides had denied the dating rumor between Chae Yeon and Jungkook many fans are still suspicious until now. Their rumor began to surface because Chae Yeon was matching with Jungkook’s ideal type of woman.

Is Jungkook currently dating? NO. There are no official statements from Big Hit entertainment.

Netizen Comments and Reactions Towards BTS Dating Issue

bts fiesta

There are many various reactions about BTS’ dating rumors. Some of them are supporting the relationship while the other are shock when the news arises. Some of the dating news is not even real, since fans are likely to pair idols with idols these day. Here are several reactions taken from several posts.

“I’m so sick of this”

“I wish this was not true even though I’m not Jimin biased I couldn’t choose between him and V so… I mean I personally don’t like Red Velvet except for Wendy because Irene got shipped with so many people and she tries to make a big deal about it but… I mean I like their songs…”

“I heard they broke up long ago. She was a trainee but she quit.”

“Didn’t they break up?”

“Don’t ruin my delusion…”


bts fiesta 1

Until now, there are still so many rumors being surface because of fans delusions. Since there aren’t official statements from Big Hit Entertainment, any news that surface about BTS dating are just rumors made by fans. Let’s just wait for the official statement from the boys and their agency. Best wishes to BTS.