Which BTS Member Has A Girlfriend?

Who is J-Hope’s Girlfriend?


J-Hope who always gives hope to his fans, ARMY, is known not to be dating anyone and it can be said that there are no rumors about J-Hope dating until now. It seems that J-Hope is focusing on being an idol since BTS’ popularity is no joke with their tight schedule in South Korea and also overseas.

Is J-Hope currently dating? NO.

Who is Rap Monster’s Girlfriend?

rap monster

Leader of the popular male group BTS, Rap Monster admitted that he was in a relationship before his debut. He revealed that he broke up with her because the girl had too many male friend. It looks like Kim Nam Joon, the real name of Rap Monster, is a jealous type of person.

There are rumors that he was currently dating someone right now. You can see the video below to check if he really dating or not.

Is Rap Monster currently dating? In my opinion, NO. Because I think that what he is saying on the video is just something from his song “Outro: Her” from the album “LOVE YOURSELF 承 ‘Her’”