Which BTS Member Has A Girlfriend?

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Which BTS Member Has A Girlfriend or Not?

BTS, who also known as Bangtan Boys or Beyond the scene, is a global idol male group originally from South Korea. Debuting with 7 members from Bighit Entertainment, they successfully debuted in June 2013 with the title song “No More Dream” from the “2 Cool from Skool” album. Their popularity rocketed with their song “I Need U” from the “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Part 1” album in May 2015 and have been able to maintain their popularity since then. As one of the famous K-pop male idol groups, BTS have numerous fans called ARMY from around the world. Even though they are a global idol, they must have met some girls which they like. As their popularity has been increasing from day to day, they are so many dating rumors. Let’s find out about their dating rumors!

Who is Jin Girlfriend?

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As the oldest member of BTS, Jin is close to other member idol group such as Ken VIXX and Sandeul B1A4. Jin also actively appears on several television shows, one of them being “Law of the Jungle” which was shot in Indonesia.

Surprisingly, there is a dating rumor that Jin is with Korean comedian, Lee Guk Joo. If you wondering who is Lee Guk Joo, she once appeared on “We Got Married” as married couple with rapper Sleepy. The rumor has come up after Jin revealed that his ideal type is someone who slightly chubby. Lee Guk Joo was later known to be close to Jin, and is known for her not skinny appearance in public.

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On an episode of “Radio Star” which Lee Guk Joo and Hong Suk Chun were both guest stars, Hong Suk Chun revealed that her boyfriend was not Jin from BTS since he already met the Lee Guk Joo with her partner.

Who is Suga’s Girlfriend?

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The popular rapper of BTS who also a songwriter and record producer, Suga, was revealed to have sent a love letter to her ex-girlfriend on a radio program when he was still in middle school. It surfaced online even though there isn’t any real proof. You can check the love letter on the picture below.


But, is Suga currently in relationship now? The answer is NO. Suga is currently busy with his tight schedule with BTS in South Korea and also overseas.