The Complete List of BTS’ Look Alike is Here!


List of BTS’ Members’ Doppelgangers

BTS nowadays has been one of the most influential K-Pop groups. Consisting of 7 members, they have different talents and attractiveness, but somehow the members’ visuals are top tier.

However, have you noticed that other people look similar to BTS members and are considered their twins or doppelgangers? You can check out the list of BTS’ members’ doppelgangers here:

BTS Members Their Doppelgangers
Jin Kim Min-kyu, 9Muses’ Minha, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo
Suga ITZY’s Yeji, SEVENTEEN’s Woozi, GOT7’s JB
J-Hope Shin Dong-mi, Kim Ki-soo, Tran Hong Xuan
RM Park Shin-hye, Seo Ji-yeon, B.I.G’s Heedo
Jimin ATEEZ’s Wooyoung, Don Spike, Ian Noel De Leon
V TXT’s Taehyun, Chanittha Butapak, Marcell Anggari, Ruru Madrid
Jungkook DAY6’s Sungjin, UP10TION’s Sunyoul, Golden Child’s Y

Jin’s Doppelgangers: Kim Min-kyu, 9Muses’ Minha, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, Etc.


Let’s start with BTS’ Jin’s look alike! The name onlistlists is Kim Min-kyu, Minha of 9Muses, to BLACKPINK’s Jisoo. The three of them somehow have similar visuals to Jin, especially with their eyes shape, tall noses, and heart-shaped lips.

BTS Jin and 9Muses Minha
BTS Jin and Kim Min-kyu

Kim Min-kyu is a former Produce X 101 contestant who shocked everyone because of his skills and his resemblance with Jin. Meanwhile, Jin, Minha, and Jisoo are their group’s visual excellentazing vocal skills as well. What a coincidence! We can tell if BTS’ Jin has sisters, they probably look like 9Muses’ Minha and BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, right?

Suga’s Doppelgangers: ITZY’s Yeji, Seventeen’s Woozi, GOT7’s JB, Etc.

BTS Suga

There are K-Pop idols who claimed as BTS’ Suga’s doppelgangers, and they have come from both female and male K-Pop groups such as ITZY’s Yeji, SEVENTEEN’s Woozi, and GOT7’s JB.

BTS Suga and SEVENTEEN Woozi

Both Suga and Yeji are in the Rapper Line of their group, then Suga and Woozi are well-known for their producing and writing music skills, then Suga is only a year older than GOT7’s JB!

BTS' Suga and GOT7' JB
BTS Suga and ITZY Yeji

Among all of them, BTS’ Suga and SEVENTEEN’s Woozi have the most similar physical appearances from their small eyes, thin lips, and even their height. However, ITZY’s Yeji and GOT7’s JB also have visual resemblances with Suga, such as when JB and Suga have blonde hair, then how netizens claimed that ITZY’s Yeji is the female version of BTS’ Suga!

J-Hope’s Doppelgangers: Shin Dong-mi, Kim Ki-soo, Tran Hong Xuan, Etc.

BTS J-Hope

Many people have fallen in love with BTS’ J-Hope, but did you know that other people shared their visual resemblance with J-Hope? They are Shin Dong-mi, Kim Ki-soo, and even Tran Hong Xuan. Shin Dong-mi is an actress who is famously known for her appearance in Record of Youth.

BTS J-Hope look alike
BTS J-Hope look alike

Many fans acknowledged their resemblance after seeing the pictures of Shin Dong-mi and J-Hope with the black curly hair and noticing their physical features. Then there is also Kim Ki-soo, a comedian and beauty creator who have a similar appearance to J-Hope in certain fashion style or photo angles.

Tran Hong Xuan

Aside from that, the female model named Tran Hong Xuan has gained lots of attention due to her similarity with J-Hope! If people haven’t known yet about them, they probably mistake J-Hope and Tran as siblings because they have resemblance in the hairstyle, eyes shape, jaw-line shape, and even their lips shape.

RM’s Doppelgangers: Park Shin-ae, Seo Ji-yeon, B.I.G’s Heedo, Etc.


The charisma of BTS’ leader, RM is often overwhelms everyone, so it quite shocking to everyone when they notice that some people somehow look alike him! From the way they smile, their full lips, their tall bridge nose, and many more.

BTS RM look alike

The most popular one is Seo Ji-yeon who is well-known as RM’s little cousin. She looks very similar to RM as if the beautiful genes are running in their family blood. Then there is also the model Park Shin-hye who shared a similar visual with BTS’ RM, especially when she smiled and didn’t put makeup on her face.

BTS RM look alike
BTS RM look alike

Furthermore, the K-Pop idol B.I.G’s Heedo is claimed as another doppelganger of BTS’ RM since the two of them look quite similar in certain angles!

Jimin’s Doppelgangers: ATEEZ’s Wooyoung, Don Spike, Ian Noel De Leon, Etc.

bts jimin

Have you noticed that ATEEZ’s Wooyoung has a similar visual to BTS’ Jimin? Moreover, the two of them are their group’s Main dancers and vocalists as well! The two of them look so much like siblings due to their eyes shape, hairstyle, nose shape, and even the way they smile.

BTS Jimin look alike
bts jimin look alike
BTS Jimin look alike

Aside from ATEEZ’s Wooyoung, many fans notice that Don Spike and Ian Noel De Leon somehow resemble BTS’ Jimin in a certain way. Don Spike is a South Korean singer. Meanwhile, Ian Noel De Leon is one of the TikTok content creators who went viral due to his visual that resembles Jimin. Well, don’t you guys also think that they resemble Jimin or not?

V’s Doppelgangers: TXT’s Taehyun, Chanittha Butapak, Marcell Anggari, Etc.

bts v

As the group’s visual, BTS’ V’s handsome face is on top of the world. However, did you know that other people have considered his doppelgangers? The lists consist of TXT’s Taehyun, and Marcell Anggari, and you can also see the ‘female’ version of BTS’ V through Chanittha Butapak’s visual.

Chanittha Butapak
TXT's Taehyun and BTS' V

Both V and Taehyun are managed under the same label, they also have a similar name since V’s birth name is Kim Tae-hyung. If the two of them stand next to each other, you can see the resemblance in their physical features, such as their nose, lips, and the V-shape jawline.

Aside from TXT’s Taehyun, many netizens also think that BTS’ V has a ‘twin sister’ after they saw the visual of Chanittha Butapak and claimed her as the female version of V! From certain angles, they have visual similarities such as the nose, the lips, and the eyes. There is also an Indonesian citizen with the account @marcellangg that gained lots of attention after some of his pictures were considered to resemble BTS’ V.

BTS V look alike
BTS V and Ruru Madrid

However, the funniest thing happened when BTS’ V saw a picture of his doppelgangers and gave such funny reactions! A Filipino actor, Ruru Madrid, try-on the same style as BTS’ V and posted it through his Twitter account, and it turns out BTS’ V saw it and laughed it off through his Weverse update. Although Ruru Madrid and BTS’ V don’t precisely resemble each other, his fashion style and hair somehow look similar!

Jungkook’s Doppelgangers: DAY6’s Sungjin, UP10TION’s Sunyoul, Golden Child’s Y, Etc.

bts jungkook

The maknae of BTS, Jungkook, has a bunch of doppelgangers lists among K-Pop celebrities such as Sungjin of DAY6, Sunyoul of UP10TION, and Y of Golden Child. Moreover, a J-Pop idol, Hiroto of IVVY, also shares a visual resemblance with Jungkook.

day6 sungjin and bts jungkook
bts jungkook and golden child y

Sungjin, Sunyoul, Y, and Hiroto have some physical similarities with Jungkook, such as tall nose bridge, bunny teeth, and even the way they smile. Moreover, Golden Child’s Y, DAY6’s Sungjin, UP10TION’s Sunyoul, and BTS’ Jungkook are the Main Vocalist in the group as well! Although IVVY’s Hiroto isn’t the Main Vocalist, his vocal skill is as amazing as ever.

bts jungkook and up10tion sunyoul
bts jungkook and ivvy hiroto

Those four idols somehow can be BTS’ Jungkook’s older and younger brothers due to their similarities and age differences. If you check out some of their similarities here, you might be surprised with how to resemble they are.

That’s everything about BTS members’ look alike and their doppelgangers! Their physical similarities somehow make people a little bit surprised but amusing simultaneously. Which one of the most similar doppelgangers among BTS members? Leave a comment below regarding that matter, and don’t forget to share this article on your social media!