BTS’ Jungkook Transformation: From Pre-debut Till Now!

bts jungkook transformation

BTS’ Golden Maknae Jungkook’s Appearance In Time

Jeon Jungkook, better known as BTS’ Jungkook, is the youngest member of the worldwide famous phenomenal boy band BTS. Making his debut in 2013, BTS’ Jungkook was really young since he was still 16 years old at that time. Jungkook’s transformation is really interesting, as he has already grown up from the cute young boy that he was into a charismatic young man. Let’s check out Jungkook’s transformation in time.


Jungkook’s Transformation

bts jungkook maturity

Jungkook’s change in appearance is one of the most amazing transformations ever. Jungkook has already grown up into a charismatic young man. Although his voice has matured, his character is still like a little kid’s, same as before. Let’s check out Jungkook’s transformation from his pre-debut up until today.


BTS Jungkook predebut 1
BTS Jungkook predebut 2

Debut with BTS in 2013

jungkook 2013 1
jungkook 2013 2
jungkook 2013 3


jungkook 2014 1
jungkook 2014 2
jungkook 2014 3


jungkook 2015


jungkook 2016 1
jungkook 2016 2


jungkook 2017


jungkook 2018 1
jungkook 2018 2
jungkook 2018 3


bts jungkook 2019


Showing Off Abs on Stage!

bts jungkook abs

BTS Jungkook revealed his perfect abs on the stage during his appearance at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards, when they were performing “Fake Love” for the first time. It was broadcasted all around the world and made BTS fans, A.R.M.Y, go wild everywhere, especially on social media, such as Twitter. Jungkook showed off his abs during the song ref and made fans go wild and it immediately went viral all around the world afterward.

Workout and Diet

bts jungkook workout and diet

Jungkook prefers to maintain a workout activity rather than be mindful of his eating habits. BTS dances are known as one of the most difficult ones in the K-Pop dance history. Without following a diet method, Jungkook always keeps his body in perfect shape. With additional exercise, he is able to get those perfect abs. Jungkook and Jin were working out together in the backstage during the Fake Love era on a music show.

Since most BTS dances are powerful, they need a lot of energy to do those dances. In every moment, Jungkook can be caught eating on-camera and also off-camera. 

Who needs a diet when you have BTS’ powerful dance moves! He was even eating during the 2017 Billboard Music Award. Although it became controversy after the show ended, as long as Jungkook is still healthy it will be just fine for A.R.M.Y.


Latest News

bts jungkook latest news

BTS Jungkook, along with the other members of the group, is reported to make a comeback in the first half of 2019 with a new concept. The report claims that BTS has done several recording sessions for their b-side. It also says that there will be another collaboration with Ed Sheeran. BTS is currently busy with their “Love Yourself Tour” in this first half of this year and attending several award ceremonies in January 2019.

When BTS attended the 2019 Golden Disk Awards, right after they finished their performance, Jungkook looked really tired. He even needed someone to help him stand up as he sweated a lot during the performance. Seeing what happened to Jungkook, A.R.M.Y demanded BTS to take a break even for a little despite their busy schedule coming up ahead.