Let’s Throwback to BTS’ Jungkook’s Pink Hair Era!

BTS Jungkook

Throwback to BTS Jungkook’s Pink Hair

Who doesn’t know about world K-Pop Idols BTS, who recently occupied the Billboard charts? Not long ago, they made a comeback with the new song “Boy With Luv”, which is a collaboration with the American singer and songwriter, Halsey.  It’s not surprising that everyone is always interested in everything BTS, including the group’s activity, new albums, new projects, BTS’s members’ activity, members’ daily activity, and their fashion. When Jungkook’s pink hair showed up fans started talking about it a lot.


The youngest member of BTS, Jeon Jung-kook, is most well-known for his black or dark brown hairstyles before he went pink. His new hair color immediately started getting attention around BTS fans and K-poppers alike, because it gave him a look that was both cute and sexy. In this article, Channel Korea will tell you about Jungkook’s pink hair, his photo shoot with the new color, netizen’s reactions about to the change, and Jungkook’s latest news, so keep reading!

BTS’s Jungkook’s Pink Hair Appreciation Post


Always previously having a smooth and natural look, Jungkook’s pink hair was a huge shock to his fans. Back to the “Idol” era which had BTS member’ss amazing hairstyles, Jungkook’s pink hair really made his appearance stand out and get noticed by fans and netizens. It was an unexpected change from natural and dark hair that the idol has previously maintained, however, Jungkook’s new hairstyle concept matched the music video perfectly.


Pink hair made BTS’s youngest member look more chic, manly, smooth, cute, and sexy all at the same time. It was perfect for his youthful vibe and bright visual. Even his lovely bad-boy charm has was enhanced with his new color hair. Jungkook’s appeal and unforgettable charm would continue until the ‘Lotte Duty Free Family Festival’ concert.

BTS’ Jungkook’s Photoshoot with Pink Hair



Netizen Reactions


BTS’s fans, Army, all around the world were going crazy when Jungkook’s showed off his pink hair for BTS’s song ‘Idol’ when BTS performed in ‘Lotte Duty Free Festival Concert’ for the last time. All sort of comments came from both the Korean Army and International Army. They even uploaded Jungkook’s picture with the pink hair on their official social media account and the issue become a trending topic in some countries, such as in China, South Korea, and the Philippines.


On Chinese Weibo, the search engine keyword “Red Hair/Pink Hair” ranked at #4, while in on Philippines Twitter “Jungkook” ranked #1 and “Jeongkook” ranked #4. Meanwhile, in South Korea, “Red Hair” trended at #3.

Many global fans made their comments about Jungkook’s pink hair. Some commented how BTS’s Jungkook looked so hot with that hair color, while other fans felt like he looked amazing in that hairstyle. In the reaction toward the photo, netizen’s naturally commented things like, “The feel of his visuals is amazing”, and “This is so new, I can’t believe he looks so good with reddish hair.” That how he looks so fantastic in his bright hair color.

Jungkook’s Latest News


Recently, BTS (Bangtan Seonyeodan) made their comeback for “Map of The Soul:Persona” with the main track “Boy With Luv”, featuring Halsey, on May 5, 2019. The six charming boys were cheerful and lovely in the music video. Meanwhile, the song told about a boy who was feeling perfect because he has been falling in love with a girl. This album looks a little different than BTS’s other albums because in this album BTS was using a colorful concept, whereas their previous albums usually appeared with strong and dark images.