Let’s See How BTS’s Jungkook Rocks Long Hair!

jungkook long hair

Whether It’s Short or Long, Jungkook Rocks All Hairstyle!

It’s 2021 and you’re definitely lying if you say you’re a K-pop fan but don’t know who BTS is. BTS or Bangtan Sonyeondan is such a phenomenal K-pop group to the point that almost everyone knows them. Not only K-poppers, but non-K-poppers also love their music, too. Their capability has been acknowledged by a lot of people!

But, do you know what other things from BTS appealed to people? They produce high-quality music, and they are also handsome and charming. Yes, who doesn’t like pretty faces? One of the popular members in BTS is the maknae, or the youngest member, Jeon Jungkook. He’s been popular since the first time they debuted.

Jungkook is often seen with his short hair, especially in the first few years after their debut. But as the youngest has grown up, he has tried a lot of styles for himself that make him look different but still gorgeous.

Let’s see the outstanding style of Jungkook when he had a longer hairstyle!

Jungkook’s Cute Moments with Long Hair


Jungkook, as the youngest member in BTS, has shown a lot of cuteness to the fans, ARMY, or also to his hyungs, the older members in BTS. But, with the longer hairstyle that makes him look older and more mature than his actual age, do you think the cuteness of Jungkook still applies?

Well, wait no more! Let’s check out the cute maknae Jungkook with his long hairstyle!


Jungkook is still Jungkook with long or short hair. Even with his long hair, Jungkook still looks cute in some conditions, right?

Jungkook’s Undercut with Long Hair


Having long hair may sound too general. A lot of idols have tried it before such as Jeonghan from Seventeen, Hyunjin from Stray Kids, and Johnny from NCT. But, this one hairstyle that Jungkook has tried is really different from the other idols. It’s the undercut with long hair on top!

Let’s see if you can still breathe after seeing the youngest member of BTS slay this hairstyle!


Well, what do you think about it? His undercut really makes him look mature, right?

Jungkook’s Man Bun


Seriously, when you see a man with long hair, don’t you have the desire to tie their hair, especially when their hair is really long or messy? Well, Jungkook is such a considerate man. He knows what he does, including how to serve looks. His long hair also looks good when he ties his hair and makes it into a man bun.

Yep, the man bun and Jungkook might be a really great combination, right?

Without further ado, please welcome Jungkook with a man bun that will ruin your bias list!



Jungkook’s Long, Wavy (Not Curly) Hairstyle


It is so unpredictable to see that Jungkook’s hair becomes wavy when he grows it. When Jungkook’s hair is short, which we have seen for a long time, his hair is just straight. But, when he grows it long, long enough that he can tie it up, his long hair looks wavy.

Well, it’s really unique, right? Let’s just wonder how Jungkook can suit every hairstyle while adoring his long, wavy hair!


Jungkook’s Long Hairstyles in Various Colors


Almost every K-pop idol has their hair dyed to various colors. Some idols have light or colorful hairstyles, some just stick to the dark hairstyles. There are also idols who don’t color their hair anymore since it can damage their hair.

As for Jungkook, he is actually one of the idols who doesn’t dye their hair too much. Well, he is often seen with his natural dark hair color even though there are some moments that he dyed his hair to something other than a dark color.

While we’re at it, let’s see the various colors of Jungkook’s hairstyles with his long hair!



Jungkook’s long hair is such a glorious view that we can’t believe it’s real. The boy from Busan was known as a cute guy with his short and neat hairstyle. It seems like Jungkook has grown up to be a mature man who can choose any hairstyle that he likes. So, do you like his long hair? You can share this article to spread the love for Jungkook’s long hair to your moots on any social media platform!