BTS Jungkook ‘Golden Closet Film’, Vlog made by BTS Golden Maknae Which Inspire Many People

What Is BTS’ Jungkook’s Golden Closet Film?

Do you know that the maknae of BTS, Jeon Jungkook, has a vlog collection that he has filmed when he was on a holiday with the other BTS’ members? In the article below, we’re going to check out about BTS’ Jungkook’s Golden Closet Film and give you a detailed run-through of everything about it.

If you want to know more about BTS’ Jungkook’s Golden Closet Film, let’s check out this article below!

GCF Vlog Collection

BTS Jungkook has a unique way of showing his love for the other members of his band. Instead of expressing his love through words, Jungkook chooses to do so through a video series called Golden Closet Film or GCF. The videos are uploaded on BANGTAN TV’s official YouTube account and they have been originally recorded and edited by BTS’ Jungkook.

G.C.F in Tokyo (정국 & 지민)

At the beginning of the video, Jungkook and Jimin are inside an elevator and they both wear black hoodies. It seems that the two idols are just leaving the airport after having a flight judged by the passports they are holding in their hands. In the next seconds, there is an atmosphere in a city going from day time to night time. Along with a piece of background music from Martin Garrix feat. Troye Sivan – There For You, BTS’ Jungkook recorded his group mate, Jimin, who was walking in Tokyo with the crowds around him at that time.

The vlog that has been recorded by BTS’ Jungkook with the title G.C.F in Tokyo (정국 & 지민) was uploaded on November 8th, 2017, and has 1,2 million likes. BTS’ Jungkook was recording BTS’ Jimin all the time until they both had dinner and played around at Tokyo Disney Resort at night. This vlog showed the very beautiful scenery of Tokyo at night.

G.C.F in Osaka

The first BTS member to appear in the vlog this time is J-Hope and Rap Monster. Both of them can be seen on a flight inside the plane and then the camera leads to a delicious sandwich that might be the breakfast of BTS members while they are on a flight. Next, the camera leads to a number of snacks and clocks that indicate the local time and the scenery of a city.

Along with the background music of Looter – Your Side Of The Bed, BTS members can be seen at a restaurant where they enjoy delicious food served at the table. After lunch, BTS members can be seen going to a shopping place and having fun there while looking at the views around Osaka when the day begins to change into night. The vlog that has been recorded by BTS’ Jungkook with the title G.C.F in Osaka was uploaded on April 30th, 2018, and has 1 million likes.

G.C.F in Newark VHS ver.

At the beginning of the vlog this time, we can see the atmosphere of a hotel room and the BTS members who appear first in C.G.F in Newark VHS vers. this time are V and Jungkook, and V is entering an elevator and heading to a place by car. As previously known, BTS is on their world tour concert trip in Newark. BTS’ Jungkook records from their preparations at the backstage: starting from lunch with the Kimbab and Ramyeon menus that are typical of their home country, South Korea.

After lunch, their adventure took them on stage where they had to perform a sound check with their concert team at the venue. After doing a sound check that pretty much consumed their energy, BTS went to the backstage to recharge their energy by eating some snacks and drink some soft drinks. BTS’ Suga is seen enjoying ice cream and J-Hope is taking a nap.

After taking a short break, BTS members go back to the stage to do a second soundcheck and meet their fans who had been waiting in the venue while singing their top songs titled “Run” and “Fake Love.” Unwittingly, the concert time soon arrived and Jungkook recorded their preparations beginning by putting on their first costumes until they finally got on stage to do a concert.

Rap Monster, as the leader of BTS, delivered their first greetings for being able to be in America to hold a concert. The concert went lively with the enthusiasm of the Army who are always present and cheer them in every performance.

The concert finally came to an end and BTS returned to the hotel to take a rest. Before they left the venue, the Army had waited patiently in the parking lot to say goodbye to the members of BTS. In the last minute of the G.C.F vlog in Newark VHS ver. it was obvious Jungkook and the hyungs from BTS were very exhausted shortly after they arrived at the hotel and each of them entered his bedroom.

This was the first time that Jungkook recorded from BTS World Tour. The video was uploaded on October 1st, 2018, and has 858 thousand likes. This was also the first G.C.F with no background music at all.

G.C.F in Saipan

In this vlog, BTS’ Jungkook recorded a vacation with the other members in Saipan. At the beginning of the video, BTS’ V is photographing something on the edge of a very beautiful beach while wearing a very cute polka-dot white pajamas. Jungkook and V are seen on the edge of the beach holding their cameras while enjoying the sunrise. Next, we can see BTS’ Jimin, who is on the seashore wearing shorts and a navy blue shirt that makes this vlog look like a music video.

In this vlog, we can also see that BTS members are enjoying their short vacation in Saipan while walking around the resort and enjoying lunch together. Saipan looks very wonderful with its natural beauty. In this short video, lasting 2:43 minutes, Jungkook has managed to perfectly capture their moments together in Saipan, especially as they enjoyed the sea by walking on the shore.

The vlog that has been recorded by BTS’ Jungkook with the title G.C.F in Saipan was uploaded on July 25th, 2018, and has 1.1 million likes along with a piece of background music from JOHN.k – Best of Me.

G.C.F in the USA

BTS members are on their promotion schedule in America and this time, Jungkook is starting to secretly re-record the activities of those who are doing European promotions. At the beginning of the video, BTS members can be seen preparing to attend the most popular talk show in America, The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Every member doing a photo shoot took place in several different locations. After the photo shoot, BTS headed to a Korean barbecue restaurant for lunch and went directly to another place to have a talk show at a radio. While they were in the USA, BTS met with several well-known people to carry out their promotions internationally.

The vlog that has been recorded by BTS’ Jungkook with the title G.C.F in the USA was uploaded on July 16th, 2018, and has 1 million likes along with a piece of background music from Lost Kings – When We Were Young.

G.C.F 3J @ 2018 MMA Practice

The 3 main dancers from BTS, Jimin, Jungkook, and J-Hope, were practicing for their special stage on Melon Music Awards 2018. Each of them has a duration to perform at the special stage this time. These three members from BTS look amazing with their powerful dance moves.

The vlog that has been recorded by BTS’ Jungkook with the title G.C.F 3J @ 2018 MMA Practice was uploaded on December 2nd, 2018, and has 1 million likes and length of 1:32 minutes along with a piece of background music from Alex Lustig – Under Pressure.

GCF Behind The Scene

G.C.F is a video series that was fully produced and edited by Jungkook. This video series was first introduced on November 8th, 2017, through a video titled G.C.F in Tokyo (Jungkook & Jimin). This video is uploaded to the YouTube account, BANGTANTV.

At that time, Jungkook shared a video containing his daily life with another BTS member, Jimin, while in Tokyo, Japan. The audience could see how the two men who are both from Busan, South Korea, spend time in shopping locations and also amusement parks in Tokyo.

Not only a vlog with Jimin, but Jungkook also uploaded three other G.C.F videos, in the series: in Osaka, United States, and Saipan. As time went by, these videos made by Jungkook not only feature Jimin, but also other BTS members.

These recordings are then combined with music and video editing accordingly so that the audience can feel even more emotional while watching this show.

Since it was first introduced, this video series has attracted the attention of BTS fans, Army. Not a few of them praised Jungkook’s talent and ability to make videos. Besides that, there are also those who feel happy to be able to see Jungkook sharing his hobbies with them.

Jungkook succeeded in presenting BTS members in a more personal way which has made fans always welcome the release of each of the G.C.F videos. In fact, when Jungkook just published the video G.C.F in the USA, so many fans talked about the show, until the video became a trending topic on Twitter.

A fan on Twitter also shared about how Jungkook expressed his thoughts and feelings really well through a song cover and recorded such beautiful moments in G.C.F with BTS members.

BTS’ Jungkook’s hidden talent has been proven through G.C.F. The maknae who was born in 1997 has expertise in photography and editing. His ability can be said to be above average because Jungkook seems to be skillful in recording and editing, making an ordinary video become as great as a music video.

Check out this video below to see how BTS’ Jungkook made G.C.F starting by recording it with a camera!