Get Ready, ARMY! Here Are Photos of BTS’ Jungkook’s Glorious Abs to Make Your Day Hotter!

Jungkook's Abs

Check Out BTS’s Jungkook’s Abs!

Jeon Jungkook is the youngest member of the boy-group BTS. Jungkook picks things up easily, and is capable of doing new things outside of his own comfort zone. For example, he’s able to rap and dance, even though he’s a vocalist. This golden maknae is called the most powerful person in BTS. Jungkook can even carry his hyungs, even though they’re all pretty heavy. Why can he do it? Because he likes sports and he works hard to keep his body in shape. As a result, his body looks very muscular and he’s got great abs. Even though he is the youngest member, his abilities have been highly praised by many people. He looks really great, and is the ideal type for many women.

Jungkook Showing Off Abs on Stage!

BTS made their comeback on stage with the title track ‘Fake Love’ at the Billboard Music Awards on Monday, May 21, 2018. When they were performing, the audience got excited when they got a look at Jungkook’s abs. Jungkook is usually a shy guy, but he looked fierce on the BBMA stage. BTS’s maknae’s abs immediately started getting a lot of appreciative  comments by netters. This is extraordinary, because the moment when Jungkook showed f his abs got recorded as one of the 13 best moments at the Billboard Music Awards 2018. Here are the moments when Jungkook showed off his abs on the Fake Love stage!

Actually, that wasn’t the first time Jungkook to showed off his abs on camera. It also happened in February, 2016. At the time, MBC had revealed behind-the-scenes photos from the annual “Idol Stars Athletics Championships 2016″. Jungkook was seen showing off his abs for the fans who were present to support the group, after he won a wrestling match. Since then, many people have said that Jungkook is a stocky baby.

Even before that, at the start of BTS’s debut, the members of the group had already showed off their abs, including Jungkook. Back then, his abs weren’t so well-defined yet, so they didn’t make quite the same impact. So, take a look at that moment, below!

His Shirtless Photoshoot!

As his fans all know, Jungkook can be pretty shy, especially when meeting strangers for the first time. So far, neither Jungkook nor any of the other members of BTS have done a shirtless photoshoot, and Jungkook only ever flashed his abs. There are some photos out there, however, where he was swimming and you can get a good look at his body.

Workout and Diet by Jungkook!

As a K-pop idol, it’s highly encouraged that they have the ideal body shape and weight, to help make it easier to compete with other idols for attention and popularity. Besides V and Jin, Jungkook is one of the members of BTS who eats a lot, but Jhis weight never seems to increase.  How does he do it?

Jungkook isn’t really on diet, he eats as much as he wants and is mentally positive about it. Koreans usually have a fast metabolism, so they’re usually very thin, and the portions of their food are much smaller than in the US. A medium coke in US is considered a large in Japan and Korea. In addition to all that, Jungkook only eats healthy food and balances it with exercise, such as working out at the gym, running, etc.. He doesn’t reduce the portions of his food, he just takes a pill to help stabilize his weight.

He does a workout to ensure a good posture and maintain his abs. Jungkook does it anytime before he does an activity. Before he and BTS perform on the stage he takes time to do some push-ups. It’s pretty accurate when he’s called the most powerful member among the others!