The Story Behind BTS’ Jungkook’s ‘Euphoria’ (Meaning and Song Writer)

Let’s Take a Look at Jungkook’s Solo’s Performance!

BTS Jungkook

After all this talk about Jungkook and his solo song “Euphoria,” you must be excited to watch him perform his song on stage! So, here are some of the solo performances by Jungkook, with his beautiful voice, singing “Euphoria”!

BTS’s Jungkook performing “Euphoria” at the 2018 KBS Song Festival!


Jungkook performing “Euphoria” at the BTS Love Yourself Concert in Los Angeles!


Jungkook performing “Euphoria” at the BTS Love Yourself Concert in Berlin!

What is the Meaning of “Euphoria”?

What is the Meaning of Euphoria

Delight; happiness; fervor. Euphoria is a word related to the state of being ‘high’ that can only be acquired from drugs, simply because of the power of the feeling. Let’s take a look at a snippet of lyrics from the song.



Take my hands now

You are the cause of my euphoria



Close the door now

When I’m with you I’m in utopia

Jungkook sings about somebody being his motivation to feel euphoric. Meanwhile, Utopia is a fictional setting that is perfect for all its community members and basically alludes to an exceptionally idealistic culture; a paradise or some sort.

The feeling told in this song is the feeling of being lost in a world within which he got himself and his old dreams. In the song, he says he can’t explain how thrilled he feels, due to which he feels like it could be a fantasy; an illusion. He alludes to his euphoria as something that can be known without actually experiencing it.

Who Wrote the Song “Euphoria”?

Who Wrote the Song Euphoria
Instagram: @melaniejoyfontana

Melanie Joy Fontana is one of the musicians behind BTS’s “Euphoria,” a track sung by Jungkook that is remembered for the idol group’s Billboard 200-topping album Love Yourself: Answer launched in August 2018.

Fontana, who is likewise a pop artist, has an extensive list of credits as a songwriter. Other than “Euphoria,” she has composed numerous K-pop songs including f(x’s) “Boom Bang Boom,” I.O.I’s “Crush,” Girls’ Generation’s “Stay Girls,” AOA’s “Cherry Pop,” and Hyorin’s “One-Step.” She is likewise credited as a songwriter for Justin Bieber’s “Home This Christmas,” Britney Spears’ “Mood Ring,” The Chainsmokers’ “Setting Fires,” and all the songs on Aaron Carter’s album Love.

In any case, it’s BTS the act that without a doubt has crowned Melanie Fontana as songwriter ‘goddess’ status. “Euphoria” has been one of the most-streamed songs from the LP on digital platforms. No doubt it was a big deal for Melanie. However, she is taking this accomplishment with humility. She’s currently working with more K-POP acts, and you ought to likewise hope to see her under the singer spotlight since Melanie Fontana is also a pop artist.

So, that’s all information about Jeon Jungkook’s solo single “Euphoria,” starting from the background story to the songwriter that is involved in the making. So, what do you guys think about the meaning of the song for your personal issues? Also, don’t forget to stay tuned on Channel-Korea as we will provide you with more information about your favorite boy group—BTS.