BTS’ Jungkook’s Diet Tips: Meal Plan, Workout Routine, Transformation, and More!

BTS jungkook diet plan and workout routine

How BTS’ Jungkook Did His Diet

Jeon Jung-kook or famously known as BTS’ Jungkook is one of the most popular rising K-pop stars under Big Hit. Aside from his amazing vocal skills and ethereal visual appearance, many fans have praised all of his hard work to become a K-pop idol.

One of the most talked-about events was Jungkook’s diet experience, especially after he once went on an extreme diet; he starved himself for 5 days before filming BTS’ music video for “Butter!”

But, now, ARMY will no longer be worried about that since Jungkook also has another healthier diet method. In this article, Channel Korea will go over this for you, so keep on reading!

BTS’ Jungkook’s Diet Plan and Meal Preparation

For the first step, let’s get to know how BTS’ Jungkook prepared his diet meal. Since he also eats three times a day, as in for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, we will reveal it all to you.

Just like common K-pop idols, Jungkook has maintained his almost perfect body by dieting and working out. During a certain interview, Jungkook revealed that he has always followed a balanced diet to stay in shape and healthy as well.

Some of Jungkook’s favorite dishes for his diet are a protein shake and fruits, but he also maintains his abs by consuming large portions of protein. Here is the meal preparation of Jungkook’s diet plan:

Breakfast: Omelet, Whole Grain Toast, and Juice

Lunch: Salad

Snack: Vegetable Soup

Dinner: Chicken Breast with Salad

Other dishes that he has consumed include kimchi, beef stew, beef rib stew, and banchan or a Korean side dish.

BTS’ Jungkook’s Workout Routine

Many fans have acknowledged that Jungkook is quite obsessed with exercise and workouts. He regularly goes to the gym to maintain his abs and stay healthy. Even his agency also asked him to gain some muscles, and Jungkook successfully gained them like it was a piece of cake!

Here are some of Jungkook’s exercise moves:

  • Squats
  • Push-ups
  • Jump Squats
  • Shoulder exercises
  • Plank shoulder blades
  • Mountain climber
  • Burpee
  • Crunches
  • Leg raises
  • Superman raises

Other workout routines that he has done include weight lifting, kickboxing, and even dancing practice. There is also a separation for Jungkook’s workout routine. For the morning session, Jungkook does a simple routine like stretching and dance practice. Meanwhile, at night, he goes for harder exercises like kickboxing or even cardio and weight lifting.

Check Out Jungkook’s Transformation Before and After His Diet Here!

Before Jungkook’s debut with BTS, he had a healthy body appearance with his adorable chubby cheeks. However, like the common K-pop stars’ routine, Jungkook has to appear with a well-shaped body, gain some muscles or abs, and look slimmer in front of the camera.

Check out Jungkook’s before and after transformation here:

Jungkook Before Dieting

Before Jungkook did his diet, many people noticed his chubby cheeks. Some fans also thought that Jungkook looked even more adorable with those cheeks, but they also were surprised after Jungkook’s transformation once he finished his diet!

Jungkook After Dieting

Say goodbye to chubby Jungkook since he achieved a drastic transformation after his diet was completed! Jungkook’s face looks even sharper. We can notice his V-shape at his jawline, and his cheekbones look sharper as well. His muscles also increased, and it is no wonder ARMY could notice his abs while Jungkook performed on the stage!

Jungkook must be very proud of himself after he achieved such an amazing transformation while maintaining his perfect body shape. What do you guys think about BTS’ Jungkook’s diet plan and workout routine? Do you also want to try the same method as his? Leave your thoughts down below, and don’t forget to share this article on your social media!