This is How BTS’ Jungkook Has Celebrated His Birthday Throughout The Years!

What BTS’s Jungkook Did During His Birthday Every Year?

It wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that birthdays are special occasions that should be celebrated, because that is a way to express that one feels grateful for their existence as they become older every year. As for the Korean idols, their birthday isn’t only celebrated by themselves and their families, but also their fans. For the currently popular boy-group BTS’s youngest member, Jeon Jungkook, celebrating his birthday on September 1 will always be one of his dearest memories. Ever since his debut with the group, Jungkook has received many greetings and blessings from his family, his fellow group members, and, most importantly, ARMYs.

In this article, Channel-Korea has summed up Jungkook’s birthday celebrations throughout his years as the maknae of BTS, so keep reading!

Let’s Celebrate the Golden Maknae‘s Birthday!

In 2013, Jungkook had his 16th birthday (17th in Korea), which marked his first birthday celebration as a BTS member. The celebration was unusual, as all the BTS members, staff, their manager, and their producer pulled a prank on him during the filming of a music video.

Notably, Jungkook was scolded quite severely because he couldn’t get his center position right. The prank caused Jungkook to get really upset, and he started to cry. Fortunately, the presence of cake made him realize that the situation he faced at the time was only a prank. You can watch Jungkook’s birthday prank in the video below.

In 2014, Jungkook celebrated his 17th birthday (18th in Korea) during the Danger era. All the BTS members tweeted two pictures: one showed Jungkook’s cute side (kwiyomi) and the other one is Jungkook’s hilarious side (jimotmi, which means sorry I could not protect you). These two words come from Jungkook’s lyrics in Danger.

RM tweeted for the first time when he posted pictures of Jungkook with his face covered in a sheet mask and a photoshopped picture where he was being chased by white horses. Jin uploaded an adorable picture of the maknae, with the caption “You are a cutie, hyung thinks you are cute. #Kkookiehappybirthday”, and then followed it with a derpy photo with the caption “And, sorry I could not protect you”. Similarly, V uploaded a picture of Jungkook eating modestly and another of Jungkook’s face, taken with the fish lenses filter, saying, “First photo is kwiyomi second is jimotmi. ‘Sorry I couldn’t protect you’.

J-Hope didn’t forget about the maknae’s birthday, as he also shared Jungkook’s most adorable and meme-able picture in his tweet, “You are a kwiyomi, jimotmi. Hyung loves you. Congratulations to our maknae @[email protected]/ #Kkookiehappybirthday”. Jimin joined the event by uploading photos of Jungkook when he was busy and when he was at the salon, which were taken by Jimin, “Kwiyomi, jimotmi, sorry Jungkook-ah, but you know I love you most, right? Happy birthday!! Stop growing. #Kkookiehappybirthday”. Lastly, the rapper, Suga, concluded the event by sharing the most decent photos of Jungkook, “Hi Jungkook-ah, it’s Suga hyung. I am at least noble. Kwiyomi, jimotmi. #Kkookiehappybirthday”.

On his special day, the birthday boy tweeted that he was really happy and thankful because the fans had trended #BTSKookieDay to the first place of Twitter’s Worldwide Trending Topic, “I feel it is more meaningful since this is the second birthday I celebrated with ARMYs. I will grow to be a more amazing adult for ARMYs”. Moreover, Jungkook thanked his hyungs and promised to be more hardworking.

In 2015, Jungkook had his 18th birthday (19th in Korea). The birthday celebration occurred on BTS’s live broadcast on Naver V Live. The members wished Jungkook a happy birthday and jokingly discussed what gifts they would give him.

The hilarious hyung Jin said that he had prepared an old-fashioned flip-phone and spoon for the maknae, whereas  J-Hope offered to buy him Timberlands. Known for his simplicity, Jimin resolved that he would give Jungkook a solid kiss, while the genius Suga seriously considered giving the maknae music equipment so that he could work on his song. The leader RM offered to shave Jungkook’s head, which made everyone scream, while V will let Jungkook play a round of a game.

On Jungkook’s 18th birthday, ARMYs also trended #HappyJungkookDay and #GoldenKookDay on Twitter Worldwide Trending Topic. On the other hand, BTS’s official Twitter account posted several photos of Jungkook from his debut to his most recent one.

In 2016, Jungkook had his 19th birthday (20th in Korea). Just like the previous years, the ARMYs trended #HappyJungkookDay on Twitter Worldwide Trending Topic, whereas BTS members spammed funny photos and videos of Jungkook. The leader, RM, uploaded photos of Jungkook imitating a Geodude from Pokemon, and Jimin uploaded a video showing Jungkook pulling a funny face.

That event was followed by Suga, who shared a photo of Jungkook taking a break on a bike ride, “This seriously looks like a bicycle advertisement” and added the caption, “It is Suga. Using a cool photo for your 20th birthday photo.”

After Suga’s sincere celebration for Jungkook, the event turned back to hilarious moments once again, as everyone shared funny videos of the maknae which also featured the appearances of other group members.

Jungkook’s 19th birthday celebration on BTS’s Twitter ended with a video of everyone celebrating his birthday with a cake.

During his interview with Focus News, Jungkook said that he still felt really young, despite being one year older. He revealed that he wanted to do more things and looked forward to becoming 24 years old, since he was very curious about what he would be doing at that age. Jungkook also likes to thank his parents on his birthday, “I think I have to tell my parents that I am thankful over all other people. Mom, dad, I love you”. Aww, what a sweet boy!

In 2017, Jungkook had his 20th birthday (21st in Korea). The ARMYs sent various messages with the hashtag #HappyJungkookDay, that again became #1 on Twitter Woldwide Trending Topic, as well as the hashtag #Happy21stJungkook. The members shared a silly video on Jungkook’s birthday, while the birthday boy released his cover of Justin Bieber’s 2U on his birthday.

The cover photo for Jungkook’s version of 2U was taken by V, who used one of his famous aliases, Vante. Jungkook’s birthday was also posted by the official Twitter Moments account.

Not only did they send Jungkook their birthday greetings, but ARMYs from all around the world also did various fan projects (both online and offline) and giveaways in order to celebrate the maknae’s birthday.

In 2018, Jungkook had his 21st birthday (22nd in Korea). The ARMYs trended not just one hashtag, but four of them, such as #HappyJKDay, #JKMagicDay, #LittleEuphoriaDay #JeonJungKook, and the Korean hashtag which means ‘Jungkook is September’s first miracle’ on Twitter.

Other BTS members shared some footage of Jungkook in photos and videos which show his hilarious and adorable side.

A week before his birthday, Jungkook thought that he forgot his date of birth. The members poked him jokingly, saying “Kook, it’s understandable you forgot your birthday because it’s today!! Happy Birthday #HappyBirthdayJungkook #ItsHyung #YourBirthdayIsToday #ALittlePR”

Lastly, the situation of BTS in the studio was revealed as Jungkook was interrupted by Jimin during his practice.

Are you looking forward to Jungkook’s birthday celebration in 2019, dear readers?