Here’s Information About BTS’ Jin’s Restaurant That Almost Closed Due to the Pandemic!

BTS Jin and his brother

Let’s Take a Peek at BTS’ Jin and His Brother’s Restaurant in Seoul!

Among the members, BTS’ Jin is known for his cooking skills. This worldwide handsome idol is also a foodie, and he created a special mukbang segment on V-Live named “Eat Jin.” Unexpectedly, because of his cooking skills, Jin and his brother named Kim Seokjung opened up a Japanese restaurant. Are you curious about the restaurant name and the location? And, how is the menu price list?

Don’t worry. You can find the answer through this article because Channel-Korea already provided all about BTS’ Jin and his brother’s restaurant. So, keep on reading!

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BTS’ Jin and His Brother Opened the Japanese Restaurant Ossu Seiromushi

BTS Jin and brother restaurant

On April 10, 2018, BTS’ Jin officially opened a restaurant named Ossu Seiromushi. He is a restaurant director while his brother is the owner. There was the news of BTS’ Jin’s restaurant that spread on social media around July 2018.

In that year, there’s people who shared about the restaurant and also a bouquet of flowers and a congratulatory message from Big Hit Entertainment (HYBE)’s CEO, Bang Si-hyuk. Someone even said that BTS’ Jimin also visited the grand opening of Ossu Seiromushi.

BTS Jin restaurant

Even though Jin is busy, he and his eldest brother are earnest about that culinary business. They use a thick Japanese style dominated by wooden design which makes it simple and unique.

BTS Jin restaurant design
BTS Jin restaurant review

BTS’ Jin’s Restaurant Location in Songpa-gu, Seoul

BTS Jin Ossu Seiromushi

BTS’ Jin and Kim Seokjung (Jin’s brother)’s restaurant has a strategic location that is close to Lotte World and Seokchon Lake. For visitors who want to dine in, they have to fill out the waiting list or book a reservation because it is always crowded. For more information about the restaurant address, kindly read it below:

Name: 오쓰 세이로무시 / Otsu Seiromushi (known as Ossu Seiromushi)

Address: 30, Baekjegobun-ro 45-gil, Songpa-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Zip code: 05618

Operational hours: From 5 PM (24 hours)

Phone: +82 2-419-2222

BTS’ Jin’s Restaurant Menu and Prices

BTS Jin restaurant menu

The Ossu Seiromushi restaurant serves traditional Japanese dishes on staked wooden trays that are made with cypress wood and then steamed with a Seiromushi style. They serve premium meat from Jeju Island and healthy food which is full of vegetables and steamed. Many customers who have visited Ossu Seiromushi say it is tasty.

Ossu Seiromushi menu

The top steamer boxes are filled with thinly sliced premium meats, pork, and beef. The meats box called Seirofushi is priced at 59,000 won or $49. Furthermore, the vegetable box (Seiromushi) is filled with mushrooms, carrots, grilled sweet potatoes, corn, boiled eggs, and more and is priced at 79,000 won, approximately $66. This menu is usually accompanied by fried octopus as the side dish.

They also serve roasted asparagus for $6.77, grilled meat $20.32, and grilled sweet potato at a cost of 6,000 won or approximately $6. They also offer grilled Onigirio with mentaiko sauce, Okinawa draft beer, and another delicious menu.

Ossu Seiromushi menu price
Ossu Seiromushi menu price

BTS’ Jin’s Brother’s Effort To Keep the Restaurant Afloat

BTS Jin restaurant pandemic

COVID-19 has hit almost the entire world for more than a year, and it caused a decrease in many business sectors, one of them being culinary. The effect of this pandemic was also felt by BTS’ Jin and his eldest brother’s restaurant. Jin admitted that his brother’s restaurant was in danger because it was threatened to close.

On September 15, 2021, in an interview on MBC Radio’s Bae Cheol Soo’s Music Camp, Jin talked about his brother’s struggle in running their restaurant. He said that his brother has suffered losses due to the pandemic. BTS’ Jin also admitted that Kim Seokjung sold his car to make their restaurant stay afloat.

ARMY’s Support to Make BTS’ Jin’s Restaurant Stay Afloat!

BTS ARMY and Jin

In 2020, ARMY immediately gave their support to help BTS’ Jin’s brother. ARMY called for everyone to visit BTS’ Jin’s brother’s restaurant and suggested becoming customers there. Through the SNS, ARMY gave their support by promoting the restaurant, Ossu Seiromushi, to help it stay afloat.

BTS Jin and ARMY

In fact, there is ARMY that wanted to help Jin’s brother by donating, but it’s not approved by other ARMY who suggested visiting their restaurant.

BTS Jin and ARMY
BTS Jin and ARMY

So, that’s all the information regarding BTS’ Jin and his brother’s restaurant along with the condition during the COVID-19 pandemic. Have any of you ever visited BTS’ Jin’s restaurant? If so, please kindly put your story in the comment section and share this article with your fellow ARMY! Don’t forget to read other articles of ours on the Channel-Korea website.