Check Out the New Restaurant by BTS’ Jin and His Brother!

About Jin Restaurant

BTS’ Jin Opens Up a Restaurant! 

Being an idol is a big dream for many people. Even though their life is not always happy and fine, many people crave that job which will put you in the spotlight, wear beautiful clothes, and of course receive high payment. However, being an idol is not a future-guaranteed job, and that’s why many idols try other business fields, such as starting their own restaurant.

BTS’s Jin is one of those idols who opened a restaurant together with his brother, Kim Seok-joong. The name of his restaurant is Ossu Seiromushi that specializes in Japanese steamed foods. The restaurant that opened on April 10, 2018, has gained a lot of attention from other K-pop artists, fans and the public. Let’s check it out!

About Ossu Seiromushi

Ossu Seiromushi

Address (English): 30 Baekjegobun-ro 45-gil, Songpa 1(il)-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Address (Korean): 서울특별시 송파구 송파1동 백제고분로45길 30

Opening Times: 5 PM-Midnight / Potentially closed on Tuesdays 

Tel Number for Bookings: +82 02 419 2222

Social Media : Instagram


Congratulate Message For The Opening

Flowers at Ossu Seiromushi

Many of Jin’s acquaintances sent him flowers as a congratulatory gift for his newly-opened restaurant. Not only his acquaintances but the CEO of BigHit, Bang Shi-hyuk, his parents, his relatives also his friends and other acquaintance, sent flowers to congratulate him. 

The most shocking and became talk at the town is a flower bouquet sent by SM Entertainment. A lot of people think that SM Entertainment still wants to take BTS Jin to their company, while others think SM Entertainment just wants to make a good relation with BTS Jin.


Menu and Food Recommendation

Jin Restaurant Menu

The special dish in the restaurant is called Seiro-mushi which consists of two stacked wooden steamers made out of cypress wood. The bottom crate is filled with selection vegetables such as potatoes, bok choy, mushrooms, root vegetables, seaweed, and egg. The top steamer box is filled with a thinly sliced trio of meats: Jeju pork (considered as premium quality and commodity meat in South Korea) and two kinds of beef.

Seiromushi before cook

The food is being steamed right on the table in front of the customer. First, the server will bring a pot with water and place it on an electric stove. Once the water in the pot is hot enough for steaming, the server will return with boxes of food. The two wooden boxes are put on top of each other and covered with a wooden lid and steamed around 15 minutes. To enjoy the food, you can eat it blandly or dip it into several sauces on the table. 

Seiromushi after cook


Several Tips Before Enjoying The Meal at Ossu Seiromushi

Eat at BTS Jin Restaurant

Restaurant Operation Time

Please keep in mind that Ossu Seiromushi only opens at 5 PM. You can make an advance booking by phone or wait for around 1 until 2 hours if you do not do any bookings (depends on the crowd).

Get A Local Korean Number

One of the food bloggers who active in sharing her review shared about her experience on making a reservation in the restaurant.

“She asked us to provide her with a Korean phone number and they will call you once the table has become available. She advised it will take between 1 to 2 hours for the table to be ready.” — taken from

Since there are many people line up after you, make sure you have an active phone number or they will remove you right away from the waiting list. If that happens, you should queue again and wait for another turn.

Learn How To Order From Korean Menu

Since the menu is all in Korean Language, foreigner visitors might get a language barrier during ordering. Even though some of the servers could speak English to you, you might consider learning how to read Hangul and learn about several Korean words before visiting South Korea.

Get Your Map Ready For Restaurant Location

If you are a foreigner, you can search the English version of the address on the top of the posts with Google Map or Naver. It will give you direction on how to get there via train or any other transportation method in Korea.


Reasons Why You Should Visit BTS Jin Restaurant

Reasons to visit BTS Jin Brother Restaurant

Strategic Location

The location of his restaurant is very strategic because it is close to Seokchon Lake. Seokchon is a place where people usually enjoy cherry blossom trees. Can you imagine how beautiful it would be to eat with cherry blossom trees as the view?

Affordable Price

If you just want the specialty menu on the restaurant, it only cost around 59,000 won which already includes two stacked wooden steamers made out of cypress wood full of assorted vegetables and meat, several dips sauce, and drinks.

Try Your Luck to Meet BTS Member and Family

The visitors reported that they saw another member of BTS, Ji-min, visiting the restaurant on an opening day. One of the YouTuber who makes a visit to the restaurant was lucky to meet BTS Jin’s brother, Kim Seok-joong.