Check Out the New Restaurant by BTS’ Jin and His Brother!

BTS’ Jin Opens Up a Restaurant!

Being an idol is a big dream for many people. Even though their life is not always happy and fine, many people crave that job which will put you in the spotlight, wear beautiful clothes, and of course receive high payment. However, being an idol is not a future-guaranteed job, and that’s why many idols try other business fields, such as starting their own restaurant.

BTS’s Jin is one of those idols who opened a restaurant together with his brother. The name of his restaurant isĀ Ossu Seiromushi that specializes in Japanese foods. The location of his restaurant is also very strategic because it is close to Seokchon Lake. Seokchon is where people usually enjoy cherry blossom trees. Can you imagine how beautiful it would be to eat with cherry blossom trees as the view?

Many of Jin’s acquaintances sent him flowers as a congratulatory gift for his newly-opened restaurant. Not only his acquaintances, but the CEO of BigHit, Bang Shi-hyuk, his parents, and his relatives, sent flowers to congratulate him. The visitors reported that they saw another member of BTS, Ji-min, visiting the restaurant on an opening day.

According to some visitors, the food in Jin’s restaurant is very delicious.

The restaurant turned out to be found on April 10, 2018 and headed by Jin’s brother, Kim Seok-joong. Jin’s position is a board member of the director.

Wish the best of luck for Jin and his brother!