BTS’ Jin’s Net Worth: His Earnings, Business, Endorsements, and More!


The Truth of BTS’ Jin’s Net Worth

Have you wondered before how rich is Kim Seok-jin or Jin from BTS? After the huge fame that the group received, there have been many endorsements and projects with various brands, even after the group’s music became very famous internationally. All of them should have earned a lot of money including Jin! Do you want to know how much is BTS’ Jin’s net worth? Through this article, Channel Korea will reveal what it is, so keep on reading!

BTS’ Jin’s Net worth Is Approximately $20 Million!

BTS Jin net worth

BTS has been one of the biggest boy groups ever and is managed by Big Hit. Consisting of 7 members, all of them have become very famous and acknowledged by people for their talents and potential not only in South Korea but overseas.

Let’s talk about one of the members, Jin, who is known for his gorgeous visuals and the many talents that he has. As some ARMY might know, Jin comes from a wealthy family since it was revealed that his family is all in business, but he also became one of the richest K-pop idols thanks to his personal income.


According to many sources, BTS’ Jin’s net worth is approximately $20 million which he collected from producing and writing songs, endorsements, and even from managing a restaurant with his brother!

BTS’ Jin’s Endorsements and Advertisements

Courtesy of Big Hit Entertainment

BTS’ Jin has a bunch of endorsements that deal with various brands including the endorsements with other BTS members and his individual endorsements as well. Let’s take a look at some of them here:

Chilsung Cider x BTS, a drink brand from Lotte Chilsung that has worked with BTS as their brand models.

BTS Jin Chilsung Cider

PUMA – fashion and also known as a sports apparel brand that has been working with BTS for five years


FILA – another sports apparel brand


Samsung – a famous smartphone and electronic brand, they marked BTS’ Jin and the other members as the brand models for the Galaxy Note 20


Louis Vuitton – one of the biggest projects ever from BTS’ Jin and the fellow members, they eventually paired up with the luxury brand and became their brand ambassadors!

BTS Jin Louis Vuitton

Moreover, from the endorsement fees, they could have received approximately $2.69 million to $4.49 million! No wonder Jin and the rest of the members have a lot of money, right?

BTS’ Jin’s Business With His Brother

BTS Jin restaurant

Aside from BTS’ Jin‘s job as a K-pop idol, he also owns a restaurant with his brother, Kim Seok-jung. The restaurant has also become one of his income sources, so it makes sense why he is also known as one of the richest K-pop stars although he came from a wealthy family as well.

BTS Jin restaurant

The restaurant opened in 2018, and it is named Ossu Seiromushi. While running the restaurant, Jin becomes the director and his brother becomes the owner. Just like the name which has Japanese vibes, Ossu Seiromushi serves many traditional Japanese cuisines with the seiro-mushi style.

The restaurant is located at 30 baekjegobun-ro 45-gil, Songpa 1(il)-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

Details of BTS’ Jin’s Assets


Aside from his business and other personal income, BTS’ Jin also spends his money by purchasing assets. The term assets can be something like luxury cars, apartments, and other things. Here are some of his assets:

Luxury Cars

BTS Jin car

BTS’ Jin has reportedly bought a luxury car with a cost of around $522,000. Do you know what kind of car it is? It’s from the Lamborghini store, and he bought an Aventador S in the color blue.

Previously, it was also revealed that BTS’ Jin bought a Porsche Panamera GTS or Turbo with a price of around $100,000. Well, he is indeed such a fancy person, right?


BTS Jin apartment

BTS’ Jin also owns a luxury apartment which is located in Seoul. It is also reported that his apartment became one of the most expensive assets that he owns.

It is located in the exclusive area in Seoul, Hannam the Hill, and the price is around $3.7 million. Previously, Jin also had an apartment in the same location for about $1.78 million, but he sold it before buying the new one.

After a lot of hard work that Jin pours into, he deserves all of the money and the fame that he got! Do you also think that BTS’ Jin’s net worth is amazing? Leave a comment down below regarding that matter, and don’t forget to share this article on your social media!