BTS’ Jin’s Older Brother’s Wedding: Unforgettable Moment With Jin, BTS Members That Attended, and Wedding Details

bts jin brother wedding

The Lovely and Wonderful First Sibling Wedding of BTS’ Members!

BTS’ Jin has an elder brother who has become a hit since he is active on social media, especially Instagram, and has been sharing his childhood life with Jin. Jin and his brother have a special bond and respect for each other. His brother became the first sibling of BTS’ members who got married, so it was an exciting time. Let’s dig for more about BTS’ Jin’s older brother’s wedding in this Channel-Korea article! Stay reading!

BTS’ Jin’s Brother’s Wedding Details

BTS’ Jin’s brother, Kim Seok-jung, married his lover, Kim Ahreum, in August 2020. Meanwhile, Jin became the MC of the wedding and also a marriage proficient. Such a devoted brother!

BTS’ Jin’s brother is quite sociable and loves to share on Instagram, and this couple has been supporting Jin and other BTS members. They attended BTS’ concert The Wings Tour as VIP guests.

BTS’ Jin Attended His Brother’s Wedding: Interesting Moment

Jin is a charismatic and cheerful person. When he handled his brother’s wedding as an MC, he succeeded in breaking the ice. He was telling jokes and bringing lovely joy to that special event. Jin with his black suit, a black tie, and black shoes looked perfect at his brother’s wedding.

Jin who has the real name Kim Seok-jin also gave beautiful words to the wedding guests that really touched people’s hearts, including the bride and groom. So cute!

BTS’ Jin’s Brother’s Wedding Memorable Pictures

Jin’s brother’s wedding was so full of love and sacred feelings. The wedding decorations were full of elegance and a pure white vibe. Let’s check out the beauty of BTS’ Jin’s brother’s wedding below!

This wedding view is so majestic! What do you think?

Other Celebrities Attended BTS’ Jin’s Brother’s Wedding

Besides, Jin, other BTS members also attended his brother’s wedding. RM and J-Hope were looking casual yet representable. RM was wearing a white shirt unbuttoned with a white tee while J-Hope wore a denim shirt. So cool! They went to congratulate and give a present to the groom, bride, and family. Right after that, they left the venue.

Moreover, Lee Hyun, a singer was also went to the wedding, sang a song to the newlywed couple which was emotional Jin’s brother said on his Instagram account kimbutter_daddy. One of his song performances was “You Are the Best of My Life” with a piano.

On Jin’s brother’s Instagram, he expressed his happiness and gratefulness to his brother, Jin, for being a great host, to Lee Hyun for the emotional song that he sang, and to all the guests who went and celebrated their wedding. He expressed that he will live well.

That is all about BTS’ Jin’s brother’s wedding, so which one do you like the most? Put your comments below and share them on Twitter, too! Jin’s brother is now a father, and his son is named Kim Butter. Check out his Instagram account and support his social media, too!