Get to Know BTS’ Jin’s Dog Jjangu and Other K-Idols’ Pets

GOT7’s Mark and Youngjae  – Coco

The Got7 member also have a dog, but the unique things is this dog belongs to two of the members, Mark and Youngjae, not just one. The dog, named Coco, actually belongs to Mark, but Coco is curently living with Youngjae outside Got7’s dorm. Coco often spends more time with Youngjae than Mark,and also he often shares his time with Coco on his Instagram. Because he spends so much time with Coco with posts Coco’s photos, finally Youngjae decided to create a personal Instagram account for the dog, with the username @b_ftaq. So here, look at their moments below!


Amber Liu – Jack Jack

One former member from the girl band f(x) has many pets, including cats and dogs. However, there’s one pet that she often posts to her social media, named Jack Jack. This particular furry friend has accompanied her for seven years, and, of course, she always spends her time with Jack Jack whenever she can.

Amber often talks to Jack Jack, and has even said that Jack Jack can speak the Chinese language. She also shared their moments on her instagram account.

TWICE’s Nayeon – Kookeu

Like Tzuyu, TWICE’s Nayeon also has a small furry friend, named Kookeu the Pomeranian. Nayeon adopted this puppy in 2017 when Kookeu was just two months old. She was afraid of big dogs, so she chose to adopt this cute puppy. Nayeon gave her puppy its name along with Chaeyeong, because she had been dizzy thinking about the name for three days.

EXO’s Chanyeol – Toben

Chanyeol has a furry child named Toben, who is a black poodle. In 2017, he introduced their new member to his personal Instagram account, @real_pcy. Chanyeol hugged his dog even though he actually has an allergy.

Because Toben often gets attention from his fans, Chanyeol created an Instagram account for lovely Toben, @tobenstagram. The account has reached 819K followers with 57 posts. This is one of Toben’s photos from when he was playing in the garden with the gang!

Toben is realy cute and active, this is can be seen from his fans’ tweets. Chanyeol and Sehun played with their dogs and talked, but when they were done, Toben still ran even though Chanyeol called him.


TWICE’s Jeongyeon – Bbosong and Nanan

Jeongyeon also has little friends named Bbosong and Nanan. The two dogs are different types. Bbosong is Pomeranian, while Nanan is a brown poodle. Jeongyeon is very happy to take them wherever she goes, such as doing activities with TWICE, etc. Here are some photos of Jeongyeon with Bbosong and Nanan!

G-Dragon – Gaho

Different from other idols who favor poodles, Big Bang’s GD has dog too, but the type is a cute pitbull. GD really love Gaho, and often offers updates about the pup. Gaho has even appeared on one of Mnet’s programs!

EXO’s Suho – Byul

EXO’s leader has a dog that has been with him and his family for years, named Byul. Suho and Byul are very close, and the idol even considers Byul like his daughter. Byul often spends time with him, and they even did a photoshoot together for W Magazine. You can take a look, below!

Those are some of he K-Idols who have pets! In your opinion, which pet do you think is the cutest? Write your answer in the comment section!