Get to Know BTS’ Jin’s Dog Jjangu and Other K-Idols’ Pets

Let’s Find Out About Some K-Idols’ Pets!

Everyone has their own hobbies and things they love, whether it’s playing football, music, or even having pets. People keep all sorts of animals as pets, ranging from the cute to the unique. this is also true of Idols, many of who keep pets, typically cats or dogs. Like most pet owners, their pets are often treated like friends, or even children. Sometimes those pets even end up as famous as their owners. Which Idols keep pets? What types of animals do they have?

To find out the answers to those questions, Channel-Korea will give you an article about K-Idols Pets! So, stay tuned!

BTS’s Jin – Jjanggu

Jjanggu is a dog who was owned by BTS’s oldest member, Jin. Jjanggu lived with Jin for 12 years, and was his favorite. Jjanggu is adorably cute, and even had the same favorite food as Jin. The idol always shared his moments with Jjanggu on Twitter or FanCafe, and here are some of the photos he’s shared!

Jin considered Jjanggu is less like a pet, but rather like his close friend. But when BTS was in the midst of promotions for DNA, this cute white dog died and left him forever. Jin expressed his sadness with a post through FanCafe, saying his pet died because of an illness. Here’s Jin’s post about Jjanggu’s death!

TWICE’s Tzuyu – Gucci

The youngest TWICE member, Tzuyu, also has a dog. Her pet is also her close friend is a Pomeranian with named Gucci, like the high-end fashion brand. Just like Jjanggu and BTS’s Jin, she’s had Gucci since before TWICE debuted, so it’s no wonder that they’re so close.

Gucci has such a cute face that it’s no wonder that Tzuyu is always happy to spend her time with her dog. She even designed a hat with Gucci’s picture, and she wears it wherever she goes. They are like a couple, mother and child, or best friends. Below, you can see some photos of the moments when Tzuyu was spending her time with the lovely Gucci!

Blackpink’s Jisoo – Dalgom

Dalgom is a Jisoo’s furry friend, a Maltese she really loves. This pooch is so shy and adorable it will make people love it, which is evident when Blackpink members showed off their pets on the program “We Will Channel You” from SBS in December, 2018. Here’s Jisoo and Dalgom’s moments that they shared on “We Will Channel You.”

Jisoo also often shares her interactions with Dalgom on her personal Instagram posts or Instastory. Here are some photos that show their relationship!

EXO’s Kai – Monggu, Jjangu, and Jjangah

EXO’s maknae has three little furry friends with the names Monggu, Jjangu, and Jjangah, all of whom are Poodles. Monggu is a brown poodle, and is older than Jjangu and Janggah. Monggu is Kai’s favorite dog, and Monggu even appeared in EXO’s music video “Miracles in December.” Despite only having a cameo in the video, Monggu really looks adorable and became pretty famous. Kai really loves Monggu, until he named his sister’s Cafe with a combination of his own name and the dog’s. The cafe was named “Kamong Expresso Café,” with a logo of himself and Monggu.

In addition, Kai also has another dog after Monggu, named Jjangu. This dog looks almost same as Monggu, but Jjangu’s fur is shorter and curlier. Jjangu often tags along when Kai is going to appear on camera, such as during Kai’s photoshoot on W Live S.M Fashionistas. Jjangu is more like a toy than a best friend.

Kai’s last dog is Jjangah. Unlike Monggu and Jjangu, Jjangah is the prima donna between Kai’s other dogs because Jjangah is the only female. She’s a white pooodle with slightly brownish ears.

TWICE’s Momo – Lucky, Pudding, and Petco

The TWICE member who’s been called the “dance machine” has three dogs, named Lucky, Pudding, and Petco. Momo has had her dogs since she was in elementary school, and tall three are female Jack Russel Terriers. Momo really loves her dogs, even though she’s actually allergic to them. She showed her affection to “Thank You” on every TWICE album, and she also talked about her furry children on VLive broadcasts.

Not only that, she also showed a video when her dog danced along with her. She showed it to Dhanyun and ONCE!

Momo also taught her dog to dance to “Likey” and “Signal.” In the video, the dog looks cute and has a big old doggy grin.