BTS’ Jin’s Diet Tips: Meal Plan, Workout Routine, Transformation


BTS’ Jin Revealed He Once Did an Unhealthy Diet

Being a K-pop idol isn’t as easy as it seems. They have to look perfect from head to toe, undergo a very long trainee period, and even have to maintain a proportional body for their image as a K-pop idol.

Jin, the visual of Big Hit‘s boy group BTS, and many other K-pop idols have suffered from an unhealthy diet. In the past, Jin used to do an unhealthy diet while trying to maintain his body shape.

BTS' Jin

It happened during BTS’ “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” era. Not only that but Jin admitted that he went on a strict diet by eating only chicken breast when BTS promoted the album Wings.

“I’m continuously on a diet. I survived eating two packs of chicken breast a day for a year.” Moreover, Jin also avoided any kind of vitamins to lose as much weight as he could which caused malnutrition and health concerns. Fortunately, Jin and fellow BTS members are no longer doing an unhealthy diet. They are also trying to maintain their body shapes in healthier ways!

BTS’ Jin’s Diet Plan and Meal Preparation

BTS' Jin Diet Meal

BTS’ Jin no longer does an unhealthy diet so the fans must be very relieved. Currently, the idol still diets sometimes but in a much healthier way. Instead of eating a little bit of chicken breast, Jin realized that it is better to eat lean protein foods and low carbohydrates as well.

For those of you who are curious about BTS’ Jin’s diet meal plan, let’s check this out!

Breakfast – Chicken sausage and egg white omelet

Lunch – Chicken breast and veggies

Snack – Vegetable soup

Dinner – Chicken breast and veggies

BTS’ Jin’s Workout Routine

BTS' Jin workout

Some BTS fans might have already known that their idols are fond of exercise and workouts, including Jin. A workout session is also one of the things that Jimin has done to maintain his amazing body shape.

Through a lot of occasions like BTS’ variety programs, the members including Jin have shown their workout or exercise routines. For Jin and most K-pop idols, dancing practice is the first exercise routine that they have always done.

Aside from that, Jin also does bodyweight training such as push-ups, squats, lunges, jumping jacks, burpees, plank reaches, crunches, leg raises, and shoulder blades. You guys can watch a glimpse of BTS’ Jin’s exercise routine through this video:

Check Out Jin’s Transformation Before and After His Diet Here!


For those of you who might be wondering, even before his debut with BTS, Jin already had a healthy and good body shape. However, as a K-pop idol, he must feel responsible for his look, and he wants to look good for everyone, especially his fans. Through this before and after compilation of BTS’ Jin after he completed his diet, you can see how hard-working he was!


BTS' Jin

Before Jin did his diet, we can see that he had an adorable appearance with chubby cheeks. It also made his appearance even look youthful, although his body already looked good. You can see some of the old pictures of Jin here:

BTS Jin predebut
BTS Jin before diet


BTS' Jin Diet

After Jin successfully lost some weight, the differences are real. There is no more Jin with the chubby cheeks since his facial features have changed! His cheekbones look even clearer, his jaw looks sharper, and Jin also gained some weight. We are so delighted to see the change in his body appearance, aren’t we?

BTS' Jin
BTS' Jin abs

That’s it about BTS’ Jin’s diet and his workout routine! It is such a good thing to know that Jin can do a healthier diet compared to the past when he once suffered from a diet. You can also follow the tips from Jin’s diet!

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