BTS’s Jin’s Brother: Name, Cute Sibling Interactions, Wedding, Instagram, and His Child Named KimButter

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Everything You Need To Know About BTS’ Jin’s Older Brother, Kim Seok-jung

Jin is a member of BTS, the K-pop boy group that has huge popularity both in South Korea and internationally. Jin also has charismatic looks that enchant many people, especially ARMY, the group’s fan base.

On the variety show You Quiz on the Block on tvN, Jin told his life, music, and sibling story. Jin stated that he has a love-and-hate relationship with his older brother. Check out BTS’ Jin’s brother’s information in this Channel-Korea article below! Stay tuned!

BTS’ Jin’s Brother: Kim Seok-jung’s Profile

Jin’s brother’s name is Kim Seok-jung. Kim was spotted as one of the big supporters of Jin’s career success. He went to BTS concert The Wings Tour as a VIP guest along with his girlfriend at that time.

See how his brother reacted when going to watch BTS’ performance during The Wings Tour. It is such a real sibling reaction you can relate to!


BTS’ Jin’s Brother’s Cute Childhood Interaction With Jin

He entered the spotlight right after Jin said in the interview on You Quiz on the Block that his brother is a person he disliked the most until high school because he was mean to him. In the exact past moments with his brother, Jin always said “Aigoo, Seokjin nim, thank you Seokjin nim.” Of course, it’s kind of a sibling joke statement of the past, yet it also was responded to by Kim Seok Jung on his Instagram.

Jin’s brother clarified his brother’s statement on the show, saying that he’s not cruel like the way he said. Then, Jin also admitted he spiced up the story a bit to make it interesting for broadcast.

BTS’ Jin’s Brother’s Wedding Where Jin Sang With Him

Jin’s brother, Kim Seok Jung, was getting married in August 2020 to Kim Ahreum. Then, Jin became his marriage proficient and host of the wedding.

Kim Seok-jung said he didn’t have the intention to sing with Jin at the beginning, but, however, it happened eventually.

They kept winking and teasing each other with nicknames. This is what you usually do with siblings only, right?

BTS’ Jin’s Brother’s Child’s Name Was Picked By Jin

On June 2021, Kim Seok-jung and his wife, Kim Ahreum, were expecting their first child. He actively shared moments of his life on his Instagram account and brought great news after his marriage in August 2020.

BTS’ Jin’s brother uploaded a sonography visual that showed his early baby in the womb with the short caption “Hi, take care of me!” In fact, they named his baby Kim Butter. Later on, it was said that the name of the baby was picked by Jin. As we know, BTS was also releasing the new album Butter around that time. This event also marked Jin becoming the first uncle among BTS’ members.

BTS’ Jin’s Brother Changed His Instagram Account Name to kimbutter_daddy

After the official announcement of his baby coming, Jin’s brother changed his Instagram account name from Kim Seok-jung to KimButter_Daddy. This shows how grateful and happy he is for his first baby.

He’s more regularly updating about his baby, family, and his activity on this Insta account after changing the account’s name. Fans also melted when seeing Jin’s brother use KimButter_Daddy to portray his love for his baby, and, of course, Butter of BTS became dedicated!

That’s all about BTS’ Jin’s brother, his relationship and interaction with Jin, his wedding, child, and dedicated Instagram account. What do you think about Jin’s brother? Put your comment and share your thoughts below! Let’s support Jin and his brother’s career and hopefully more public interactions!