Wow! BTS’ Jin Looks Stunning with Blonde Hair!

The Worldwide Famous and Handsome Jin from BTS

When talking about the boy band BTS, the name Jin simply mustn’t be left out. In fact, ‘BTS Jin’ is at the top of the list of keywords being searched on Google. This is because Jin, whose real name is Kim Seok-jin, is the visual line, and is known as the most eye-pleasing member when compared to the others. 

In addition to being incredibly talented and having an angelic voice, BTS‘s Jin is also known for being one of the top visuals among the male idols. When they attended Billboard Music Awards for the first time, his stunning visual appearance made a lot of non-BTS fans go crazy over his striking and attractive appearance. While fans have praised his looks in the past, his latest transformation has rendered many speechless. After seeing photos of Jin with his new blonde hair, netizens are claiming that the singer has reached the epitome of visuals.

Korean people are known to have black hair genes. But it has become a trend in the Korean entertainment industry to change the hair color of the artists. Hair color is sometimes matched with the theme of the album or the theme of their stage appearance. Changing hair color is also one of the strategies carried out to attract the attention of the fans.

The company, Big Hits Entertainment, has been very successful in implementing this strategy. The last time, at the promotion of the song “Fake Love”, all BTS members had dark hair color. However, during the Lotte Family Concert program, one of the members of BTS, who was often called “Worldwide Handsome”, changed his hair color to blonde. Fans were surprised to see his previously dark hair color completely bleached. Fans were also infatuated with how suitable blonde hair was with his handsome face and made him look like a Caucasian.

When you look at the photo above, which is one of the portraits posted on BTS Jin’s fansite, he looks like a vampire singing on stage. The paleness of Jin’s skin matches perfectly with his blonde hair. Jin is in the second order of pale skin members among the others in the band. His pale skin tone is not much different from Suga’s, so the pale skin makes the blond hair very radiant. Plus his very sexy lips make him even more charming. This is indeed not the first time for Jin to have blonde hair color. During the era of the song “Fire”, Jin also looks handsome with blonde hair, which is more typical for Caucasians.

This is one of Jin’s portraits with blonde hair, during the era of the song “Fire’. This song is one of the songs that increased their fame. Moreover, starting from the music video performance that was very cool and unique, Jin also made his hair color blonde both for their music video and for their stage appearance.

Fans were even very surprised when they saw the music video which was very booming at that time. How come? Even though Jin only had a few lines in that song, he actually attracted the attention of many fans with the sexy poses he makes in the music video: the burning car background that highlights the sexiness that radiates from his blond hair. BTS Jin managed to become the center of attention in the music video.