The Worldwide Handsome BTS’ Jin Shared a Heartwarming Letter on His Birthday

BTS' Jin

The Fascinating Jin From BTS!

Who doesn’t know about BTS? BTS, or as their also known, Bangtan Boys, might be the biggest boy-group in this era so far! We’re going to talk about one of the members, BTS’s Jin! Jin, who was born Kim Seok-jin, was born on December 4, 1992, so he just celebrated his birthday!

Jin is the oldest member from the group, and he is the lead vocalist in BTS. Moreover, he’s a songwriter who has five songs signed to his name by the Korea Music Copy Right Association. Such a great achievement, right?

In this article, Channel Korea will introduce you the fascinating Jin from BTS, and tell you all about his birthday event!

Let’s Celebrate #WorlwideHandsomeDay!

Jin’s birthday is always celebrated by all the people around him, and especially, his worldwide fans! In 2018, Jin’s birthday was an important thing for BTS fans. They’ve made a trending topic of Jin’s birthday, with the title #WorldwideHandsomeDay on Twitter, and as we might expect, it was a number one worldwide trending topic on Twitter!

Jin turned 25 years old (in the international age system) in 2018. The #WorlwideHandsomeDay trend was already the number one trending topic, even before midnight in KST, which means ARMY must be the most dedicated fans, right?

Meanwhile, in South Korea there are ,some other trending topics, such as “Happy birthday Seokjin Oppa”, “Worlwide Handsome,” and “Beautiful Seokjin who was born in the winter”. BTS official Twitter account also shared a picture in celebration of Jin’s birthday:

Not only that, Jin also personally thanked the fans for celebrating his birthday with all the sweet messages, spectacular projects, and the unconditional love that he. Jin wrote a letter for his fans.

The letter was about his feeling about his birthday. He was genuinely happy for his birthday, moreover, he was beyond happy that ARMY were also enjoying it on Twitter. He also revealed that ARMY’s happiness was also his happiness!

He thanked ARMY for BTS winning in Daesang Award and Popularity Award, especially the Popularity Award. They made it because of the hard work of the ARMY!

The other member of BTS also gave Jin a sweet greeting for his birthday on Twitter! BTS’s Jimin tweeted in Korean, but the fans translated it, “Our eldest hyung, our eldest hyung whom we love, I sincerely wish you happy birthday.”

Meanwhile, RM wrote “I’m revealing a masterpiece,” referring to the bunch pictures of Jin making funny faces.

And BTS’ Suga shared a video of their fishing moment during the third season of their VLive show, Bon Voyage, in Malta.

We can see pictures of Jin’s birthday cakes from year to year in the photos, down below!

Watch BTS’ Jin’s birthday celebrating from year to year here:

Donation on His Birthday

In celebration of Jin’s birthday, ARMY made a donation! ARMY from Peru adopted an alpaca and named him RJ, to celebrate Jin’s birthday in December, 2018. According to the existing certificate, the adoption was done in Jin’s name.

Jin also made a donation for the Korean Animal Welfare Association. He donated food, bowls, and blankets for them. Big Hit Entertainment, BTS’ agency, confirmed the news and said that it was for his birthday celebration. He is, indeed, a generous idol, right?

BTS’s Jin’s Instagram Updates

Well, since Jin doesn’t have a private Instagram account, we can see his recently updated picture on BTS’s official Instagram account! Here are the top five pictures of BTS’ Jin on Instagram!






Curious About Jin’s Latest News?

So, what upcoming projects can we expect from BTS’ Jin? Most importantly, Jin will still continue his activities with BTS. They’ve been focused on their world tour and the promotion for their second documentary movie, BTS World Tour Love Yourself in Seoul.