Here’s a Sneak Peek Of BTS’ Jimin’s Photoshoot of the ‘I Need U’ Era!

Check Out BTS’s Main Dancer, Jimin’s, Charming Looks In His ‘I Need U’ Photoshoot!

BTS, also known as Bangtan Sonyeondan (방탄소년단), is one of the most legendary and famous idol group from South Korea. With seven members, BTS has a large amount of fans around the world. The group has been active since 2013 and have comebacks with various concepts that are really interesting and catch even more attention from public.

In this article,we’re going to see BTS’s photoshoot during the ‘I Need U’ era, especially for their individual shots for Jimin. Well, let’s not wait any longer and find out more about Jimin’s charisma in the section below!


One of the members of BTS, Jimin, had his own individual photoshoot during the ‘I Need U’ era, and he showed off his charm through this session. Although the other members also has their individual photoshoot, Jimin really pulled out his charisma as the lead dancer, and really got into his character in ‘I Need U’ music video.

During the photoshoot, the staff who were doing the cinematography were doing a great job, and made this concept like movie, not a music video. Jimin, who has the real name Park Ji-min (박지민), appeared in a bathtub, burning a note.

The note clearly contained something that was painful for him to read, and he didn’t want to hold onto it, so he decided to burn it. These photographs and scenes were taken from the ‘I Need U’ music video, that actually has a deep meaning to the song, and every scene captured it very well.

Through this scene, Jimin, who was born in Busan on October 13, 1995, also showed off his well-built body during his appearance in the bathtub, which made his fans surprised but also happy to see their beloved idol perfect body in the music video.

If you take a close look to Jimin’s left arm, there’s a tattoo with lily flowers, which indicate longevity. BTS uses lilies as property that we can assume are prayers, and their hopes are long-lasting and long-lived.

Just like the meaning contained in a white lily, this flower is used as a symbol of purity, sincerity, glory, devotion, and friendship. One type of white lily is the Casablanca Lily.

The flowers really symbolize something that is sacred, clean, and very charming. In addition, there are many facts about lilies. Some say that lilies are burial flowers, flowers of death symbol of purity, and other kinds of purity.

Through Jimin’s scenes in the ‘I Need U’ era, he really shows every emotion during the filming, and it turned out the photography came out very well. The scene when Jimin came out from the bathtub and was shivering expressed how he couldn’t escape his overwhelming feelings.

The members of the group all have their own amazing scenes, and their acting really came out great, just like a professional actors. During the music video, Jimin’s scenes are captured a serious emotional feeling as he breaks down in tears, in keeping with the concept of youth that finally comes to an end.

Besides the photography from the ‘I Need U’ music video, which portrayed each of the members, Jimin can also seen in other scenes where the members have gathered around in a cargo station and are playing around. Although Jimin’s face wasn;t revealed in the photo above, we can easily guess that it was actually him from the side.

He also appeared standing on the seashore and took a beautiful view from the music video.

Still in the same location, BTS’s Jimin did another photoshoot session while holding out a red smoke bomb that made this picture looks very aesthetic and beautiful, set against the background from the nature.

Another scene that surprised fans with the great acting skill of each member is when Jimin had his own photoshoot session in the room, and he looks very depressed and sad.

The expression of the lead dancer of BTS, Jimin, was perfectly caught by the camera, and made this concept outstanding among all previous comebacks.

Beside the photography and scenes from the music video, BTS also had a jacket photography session that was located in a garden and surrounded by cherry blossoms, which gives the vibe of spring.

Jimin x Jungkook

Jimin and Jungkook are sometimes known with nickname of ‘JiKook’ among their fans. Beside being talented, these two idols from BTS have collaborated together, taking some beautiful pictures from the ‘I Need U’ era

Jimin and Jungkook are generally considered the best dancers of the group, and many fans are shipped them together as a couple. There’s also the fact about ‘JiKook’, that when they had a day off, Jimin said that he would go on a date with Jungkook.

Jungkook has already admitted that the member who most helps him when he is sad is Jimin. Another fact about these talented idol is when Jimin said that he would choose to walk hand in hand with Jungkook, looking out at the ocean.

The youngest member of BTS, Jungkook thinks that Jimin’s positive point is that he is confident, and the downside is that he is overconfident. They also have several things in common, such as being sleepers, hating to lose, and liking to draw and dance.

Jimin said he loves Jungkook, but he does not match, Jungkook soon denied it, saying that he also likes Jimin. He once stated that if he was a girl, he would like to date Jungkook.

Their friendship is so meaningful, and they also seem to take very good care of each other.

Behind The Scenes

If you’re watching the behind the scenes footage of the ‘I Need U’ music video, there’s a lot of scenes that showed the interaction between BTS members as they are having fun during the filming. In this section, we’re going to find out about Jimin’s individual scenes from the music video.

BTS’s Jimin looked sexy while having his individual scene in the bathtub, and the director did a great job while instructing Jimin to pour out his feelings and character through this scene. BTS’s J-Hope, who was present, commented that Jimin had his half-naked scene.

The director also gave a sneak peek of Jimin’s scenes in the bathtub while he was burning a note, indicating deep feelings and emotions which led him to sadness and pain.

After the scene in the bathtub ended, Jimin asked ‘Was it good?’, and continued saying that he really wanted to go to Mok-yoktang (Public bathhouse).

Check out the full version of BTS’s ‘I Need U’ music video shooting, below!

Well, that was all the information about BTS’s Jimin’s photoshoot and filming session during the ‘I Need U’ era. Although it is an older music video from BTS, we can see their achievement and journey while becoming a well-known K-Pop boy-group who has a large  Army all over the world. Let’s keep supporting BTS and hope that they will get a comeback as soon as possible!