Take a Closer Look at BTS’ Jimin’s Glorious Abs

jimin abs

Check Out BTS’s Jimin’s Toned Abs!

Who doesn’t know BTS’s Jimin? Who doesn’t know Jimin has very tempting abs? Well, if you know Jimin at all, you know that he has perfect abs! Ever since the group’s debut era, promoting No More Dream, he’s been showing them off! At the time, his abs were a source of pride for the group, and helped make the group even more popular.

Showing Off Abs on Stage!


Do you remember the above picture? Do you still remember MAMA 2014? You shouldn’t forget about the Block B vs BTS stage performance! If you saw and remember the performance stage, you’ll remember that Jimin was showing off his abs that time!

In the intro of the stage performance, there were two members each from Block B and BTS doing a dance battle. The BTS members who were involved in the battle were J-Hope and Jimin. J-Hope and the two members of Block B, U-Kwon and B-Bomb, were doing the dance first, meanwhile, Jimin was the last one.

As the saying goes, “save the best for the last”, and Jimin gave the audience a surprise at his performance! Jimin took off his black hoodie and tore up his white t-shirt, showing his perfectly-shaped, tattooed abs! The audience responded to it by screaming loudly, and I’m sure you did, too! Let’s throwback to that performance by clicking the video below!

If you want another throwback, how about if we take a look at BTS’s No More Dream era. Every time the song gets to the lyric ‘la la la la la’, I suddenly remember the part when Jimin is pulling up his t-shirt and showing his toned abs! Let’s take a look at this video first.

Some people have made memes from that performance. In the meme, the picture isn’t showing his toned and shaped six-pack abs, but is instead showing six bread rolls. It’s pretty funny, because somehow it looks like his six-pack abs but, actually, it’s not. But don’t worry, his real six-pack abs never go anywhere, they’re still there.



Okay, okay, after seeing the meme, let us give you some pictures of Jimin showing his abs on stage.



I think Jimin’s abs are one of the things audiences look for the most when they go a BTS concert.


Just look at his abs! He must work very hard to keep them looking so perfect!


Oops, was that an accident or not?


The devil maknae teased fans by lifting up Jimin’s t-shirt, which showed off his abs! Whoa, whoa, many of Jimin’s fans should thank Jungkook for doing them the favor.

Workout and Diet


In JTBC’s variety show Please Take Care of My Refrigerator, Jimin said that he would become handsome if he did some dieting, so he decided to go on a diet by only eating one meal a day for 10 days.

He said that he struggled a lot to lose weight, but his handsomeness ranking within the group stayed the same. Meanwhile, Jin who is continuously on a diet, told his story. He said he eats two chunks of chicken breast that are in one pack. He survived eating two packs a day for a year. He even suffered from malnutrition because he needed to consume vitamins that he wasn’t receiving during his diet.

After the show, many ARMYs made comments about Jimin’s diet, some fans were even comparing his old pictures and the latest pictures that were available at that time. Other fans forbade him to go on diet and said that he was already handsome the way he is.

As we can see now, his body is getting heftier day by day, year by year. He looks more mature, now! He’s never really talked about what his workout routine looks like, but it seems like he never forgets to keep his body healthy and fit. As Jimin once said “If you move sexily, you’ll feel sexy”, maybe that’s his motto? What do you think?