Are You Ready To Get Melted? Take A Look At BTS’ Jimin’s Eye Smile Moments, Here!

Learn More About BTS’ Jimin’s Eye Smile Moments

Who hasn’t heard about Jimin? A member of the world-famous boy band BTS from South Korea. Born as Park Ji-min on October 13th, 1995, he is a vocalist and dancer of BTS. He debuted as a member of the South Korean boy band BTS on June 12th, 2013, under Big Hit Entertainment with the release of the single “No More Dream.” Jimin has released two solo tracks “Lie” and “Serendipity.” As a vocalist, he has a delicate and sweet voice and he is also regarded as an exceptional dancer among the members of the group and in K-Pop in general.

Besides having extraordinary talent, Jimin also has a very beautiful and charming smile. Every ARMY, fans of BTS cannot deny just how cute and perfect Jimin’s smile is, and it could get even cuter by his eyes smile. Jimin once said that he could not see when he smiles.

In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with BTS’ Jimin’s eye smile moments. Stay tuned and get ready to get melted by BTS’ Jimin’s eye smile!

Fan Signing Event

Not only for idol groups, but also for fans, fan signing moments or fan meets, are the most appropriate times to build closeness between fans and idols. Through fan signing events, idols and fans can interact closely, fans can see their idols directly in front of their eyes, ask whatever they want to ask, and can even shake hands with them.

Not only that, through the fan signing moment, the idols can also be more honest with their fans. And often, in a few moments, fan signing events record silly and cute behavior shown by idol group members to their fans. As one of the BTS members, Jimin who is always extra friendly and smiles in front of his fans and shows his eye smile.

On one of the fan signing moments, Jimin looked making a love sign with his hand and smiled brightly.

A fan gave a flower crown to Jimin at another fan signing event. And Jimin showed his eye smile as he put the flower crown on his head.

During a fan signing event, Jimin is often caught on camera smiling brightly, his eyes even disappear when he smiles.

Fans also often tease Jimin who has small fingers. When a fan asked him to compare both of their hands, Jimin tried his best to make it look bigger. And when it turned out that his hand was a lot smaller, he could only smile and hide his shyness.


Every BTS fan’s dream is to see them live in person. BTS makes it rather easy for fans of all backgrounds to fall in love and they have a strong connection with their fans, ARMY. They always show positive energy to their fans. During their concerts, BTS members show their genuineness, dorkiness, and meaningful lyrics and always leave memorable experiences for their fans.

As one of the members of BTS, Jimin has always managed to steal the fans’ attention. During a concert, Jimin not only shows a charismatic and dazzling performance, but he also shows his cute side in front of the ARMY. Fans cannot resist his charming smile and also his eye smile.

When he was singing on stage, he also showed his affection with his members and smiled at his fans.

Jimin melts his ARMY by his eye smile and a tiny love sign with his small fingers.

During BTS’ debut era and performing their debut song “No More Dream,” Jimin often showed his amazing abs. Fans couldn’t get enough of seeing his wonderful figure and his eye smile.


Recently, Big Hit Entertainment shared a new video of Jimin. It is just another addition to the list of videos fans have been treated to throughout the band’s hiatus. The new video was shared on YouTube ‘Bangtah TV’ and he successfully made the hearts of his fans melt.

In the video, Jimin seems to be taking part in a photoshoot with balloons. The popular idol was seen playing around with a balloon while the cameras captured the sight. He effortlessly used the balloons as props and made the whole thing look super cool. The singer was seen rubbing his hair with the balloon to produce static energy which resulted in his hair rising and paving the way to adorable photos.

On another photoshoot, Jimin poses while sitting, closes his eyes and smiles lightly. He looks adorable in the photo.

In one of the photoshoots for a BTS album, Jimin was captured showing his eye smile and smiling brightly under the confetti.

ARMY cannot do anything except smile when seeing Jimin’s sweet smile. During the photoshoot, Jimin is wearing a pink blazer and has blue hair. He also shows his eye smile while he smiles brightly to the camera.

Seeing Jimin smiling charmingly, ARMY cannot ask for anything else except always hope to be able to continue to see Jimin’s smile and hope that his smile never disappears and he always lives happily.


The popular idol can always melt the hearts of his loyal fans. He often thanks and treats his fans in a special way by uploading his selfies on Twitter.

ARMY’s are the luckiest fans in the world as BTS always treats them kindly and special. During their break from the entertainment, BTS’ Jimin still liked to tweet photos and videos of what they are doing during their time off to keep fans excited.

Seeing Jimin smiling happily, ARMY did not expect anything else except always hope to be able to continue to see Jimin’s smile and hope that his smile never disappears and he always lives healthily and happily.

Jimin knows very well how to fascinate and melt his female fans’ hearts with his seductive smile.

Jimin successfully made the BTS ARMY swoon. In one of the selcas that he posted on Twitter, ARMY was mesmerized by Jimin’s selfie smiling happily at the camera.

In another photo, Jimin is wearing a hat and winks at the camera. He really is making his fans lose their minds. And their reactions to his tweet are as funny as ever.

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