Take a Look at BTS Jimin’s and SHINee Taemin’s Friendship


The Padding Squad

Among Korean idols, we know there are some squads that consist of many idols with the same intrests. For example, there is the 91 line which consists of idols that were born in 1991.  There’s also the 92 line, 97 line, Kyu line, and many others. Another famous squad in the industry is The Padding, is consists of SHINee’s Tae-min, BTS’s Ji-min, HOTSHOT’s Timoteo, Wanna One’s Sung-woon, EXO’s Kai, and a non-celeb called Kwon-ho. Of the members of this squad, many people put their attention on SHINee’s Taemin and BTS’s Jimin. It was quite surprising that the two are best friends. Let’s get to know more about their friendship!

Meet The Padding Squad

It’s been widely known that SHINee’s Tae-min and EXO’s Kai have been best friends since they were still trainees. Even when Kai’s first teaser released, everyone was amazed by how similar their look is. Everyone also knew that Tae-min is close with Timoteo or Moon-kyu of HOTSHOT. They were trained together because Moon-kyu was SM Entertianment’s trainee, and almost debuted with EXO. It turns out they are also friends with some other idols outside SM Entertainment. BTS’s Ji-min and Wanna One’s Sung-woon are included in the squad. Wider, they are also best friends with a non-celeb named Kwon-ho.

Why is their group named The Padding, you might wonder? It’s because they have the same customized padded jacket, with their own logo. What a unique idea, isn’t it? Here are some moments of them together!


Ji-min and Tae-min’s Friendship

Ji-min and Tae-min’s friendship caught a lot of people’s attention. They talk about each other a lot, as well as the other Padding members, at events and even in their album ‘Thanks To’ sections. Tae-min and Ji-min, as well as the others, also support each other by going to the concert of the various members.

Did you know that SHINee’s Tae-min and BTS’s Ji-min had a collaboration together for the KBS Song Festival in 2017? The best friends showcased their ability dancing together for the first time on TV. Since they’re both very good dancers, viewers were amazed by how well they performed. Check out their performance below!

Here’s the interview they had before the performance

The two have also been seen spending their time together playing billiards. The pictures that were leaked made some fans of BTS angry, because Tae-min was seen smoking. Well, their friendship still goes strong!


Latest News

Both Tae-min and Ji-min are still active in the industry. Tae-min just finished his first solo concert, titled Off-Sick, and his solo tour, SIRIUS, in Japan. He also made a comeback with his group, SHINee, last year with Good Evening, Countless, and Our Page.

Ji-min with his group, BTS, became a big hit in the music industry, not only in Korea, but around the world. BTS traveled around the world, including going to the Billboard Music Awards.

Neither Tae-min nor Ji-min have announced any plans for a comeback this year, but let’s hope both of them will return and show us more, or even make another collaboration!