The Story Behind BTS Jimin’s ‘Promise’

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The Magnificent BTS’ Jimin

Who doesn’t recognize BTS’ Jimin? Since BTS is one of the biggest South Korean boy bands famous all around the world, just like the other members of BTS, Jimin has also gained popularity as a result of BTS’ good music and great performances!

Famously known as a member of the biggest boy band, a songwriter, and dancer, there must’ve been various factors causing BTS’ Jimin to gain a lot of fans, especially in South Korea, but also all around the world. Not only that, but he increased vastly his popularity by releasing his first solo single, “Promise.”

But, do you know the story or the beautiful meaning behind the song “Promise?” We’ll find out together! In this article, Channel-Korea will introduce you with the magnificent BTS’ Jimin and his beautiful solo single, “Promise.”

Jimin’s Solo Song “Promise”

BTS' Jimin

ARMYs must have already known about the good news, and yes, it was about BTS’ Jimin first solo single, “Promise!” Have you heard it? If you haven’t, just click the video below:

Basically, BTS’ Jimin released the song “Promise” on SoundCloud. It was released on New Year’s Eve, to be exact, on December 31st, 2018. The song “Promise” was made by BTS’ Jimin with Slow Rabbit, and also his other mate from BTS, RM. In the song, obviously, we can hear BTS’ Jimin’s beautiful voice and also, the calm sounds from a guitar.

BTS’ Jimin has talked about the song on BTS’ official Twitter account @BTS_twt. He said that the song was made for himself, and also for ARMYs. On Vlive, BTS’ Jimin once revealed that the song has a dark aura hiding in the lyrics, and he also revealed that while he was making that song, he was going through a tough time, which made the song have an even deeper meaning for him.

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He explained how he once even felt that he wasn’t good enough, and about his feelings when he got mad or disappointed, and all he did was blame himself. Then, he told this to his mate, BTS’ RM, and he suggested to him to put all of his feelings into a song. And finally, the beautiful song “Promise” was made!

Here’s a translation of the lyrics of “Promise”:

Sitting on the floor all alone

Only my thoughts are growing bigger

Since when did you start hurting me

Not even you know

You’re hurting too, right, ’cause you’re mine

I just wanna blow your mind

Just like this you only drift farther away again

I don’t really care

That’s what I said but 

In reality, doesn’t seem to be the case for me


I want you to be your light baby

You should be your light

So that it doesn’t hurt anymore

So that you can smile

I want you to be your night baby

You could be your night

So that this night

Can be honest to you


Interesting Facts About “Promise”

The hit single, “Promise,” has already amazed ARMYs all around the world! And here are some interesting facts about the song that you need to know!

1. 6M Streamings Since Its First Release

On the first day of its release, “Promise” already hit 6M streamings, only in a matter of hours! And of course, the number just kept increasing as time went by. No wonder, BTS’ Jimin is a proud member of BTS and he is also a very good songwriter!

2. First Gift For ARMYs From BTS’ Jimin

Yes, it is true that the song was made by BTS’ Jimin and he said that it is a gift for his precious fans!

3. The Song Was Initially Made for Himself at First 

In the song, we can often hear the word ‘you‘ (in the translation of the lyrics). The word ‘you’ refers to BTS’ Jimin, and he said the reason why the word ‘you’ is used a lot in his song is that in the beginning, he thought that the song would be made for himself. But then, he thought that “Promise” was actually good to be ARMY’s first gift from him.

4. Teaches Us How to Love Ourselves First

With “Promise,” BTS’ Jimin is clearly teaching us how to love ourselves. BTS’ Jimin already passed the dark time behind his popularity, and he has often blamed himself for not being good enough, but eventually, he managed to erase those bad thoughts.

He thought that he shouldn’t underestimate himself, and that’s the important thing that he learned for himself! And most importantly, “Promise” is teaching us how to deal with our personal issues.

5. Assisted By BTS’ RM and BTS’ V

While making “Promise,” BTS’ Jimin was assisted by Slow Rabbit, but also, he was assisted by BTS’ RM and BTS’ V. BTS’ RM helped him with the making of the lyrics, while BTS’ V helped him by taking the photo of BTS’ Jimin that we can see on the single cover of the song.

Live Performance of BTS’ Jimin Singing “Promise”

BTS Jimin

Well, after talking so much about BTS’ Jimin and his beautiful solo single, “Promise,” you must have become curious about his live performance of the song. Even though he hasn’t performed it in full so far, on some occasions, like during BTS’ tour, BTS’ Jimin once revealed his new song by singing a small part of the whole song.

Check out BTS’ Jimin performance here:

Well, Channel Korea has introduces you BTS’ Jimin and his solo single, Promise! Do you loved the song? Tell us your opinion by comment below!