BTS’ Jimin’s Net Worth: His Earnings, Property, Endorsements, Etc.

BTS' Jimin

Wanna Know About BTS’ Jimin’s Real Net Worth?

Have you ever thought about how rich BTS’ Jimin is? After the group received a lot of attention and fame, the members’ careers have grown rapidly not only in South Korea but overseas as well. They have received many projects, deals, and the group’s albums are always on the best-selling charts.

With all of the success, they surely earn a bunch of money, including Jimin. Are you curious about the exact amount of BTS’ Jimin’s net worth? Channel Korea will reveal to you more about that matter in this article, so keep on reading!

BTS’ Jimin’s Net Worth is Approximately $20 Million!

According to many sources, it has been revealed that BTS’ Jimin’s net worth is approximately $20 million. The amount that he has received is also collected from endorsements, producing and writing songs, and even other projects!

BTS’ Jimin’s Endorsements and Advertisements

BTS’ Jimin also earns money from endorsements deals with various brands, including the endorsements with other BTS members. You can check out some of his photoshoot endorsements and more details here:

Lorina – A French beverage brand that also appointed BTS as model ambassadors. Through the campaign, Jimin showed off a drink with a reddish color, and the product rapidly sold out afterward.

PUMA – A fashion brand that is also known as a sports apparel brand that has been working with BTS for five years

FILA – Another sports apparel brand. Many fans have purchased the items that Jimin wears in the endorsements such as a bag, jacket, and more!

Samsung – A famous smartphone and electronic brand, they marked BTS’ Jimin and the other members as the brand models for the #GalaxyS21, #GalaxyS20, and even the #GalaxyZFlip3. Due to the endorsements, many fans have wanted to purchase the phone. This proves that the impact from BTS’ Jimin’s endorsements with the other members is very huge!

Louis Vuitton – One of the biggest projects ever from BTS’ Jimin and the other members, they eventually paired up with the luxury brand and became their brand ambassadors!

At that time, Jimin also showcased the silver tote bag of #LVMenFW 2021 which was also part of the collection of Virgil Abloh, the creative director of LV’s men’s wear.

Moreover, from the endorsement fees, they could have received approximately $2.69 million to $4.49 million! No wonder Jimin and his fellow BTS members can earn a lot of money!

Details of BTS’ Jimin’s Assets

BTS’ Jimin doesn’t only earn a lot of money, but he also spends it in the wisest way possible. Jimin is known to have some investments due to his purchasing of assets. Do you want to know more details about Jimin’s assets? Check out some of them here:

Luxury Flats

BTS’ Jimin with his fellow group mate RM is known for owning a flat at Nine One Hannam. It is such an exclusive area which is also known as the South Korean version of Beverly Hills. Moreover, Jimin and RM purchased it with cash!

Aside from the flat at Nine One, Jimin also owned an old flat in Banpo Jugong which cost around $3.9 million. Even though it is an old flat and needed some reconstruction, the cost became higher since it is also located around the Han river. Jimin knows how to make a smart investment, right?

Expensive Cars

Aside from the luxury flats, Jimin’s assets include expensive cars. He owned a Porsche 911 Carrera. Although, he used to reveal that he wasn’t really into a car. The car itself cost around $100,000!

Well, all of BTS’ Jimin‘s assets and huge income are well-deserved, especially after all the hard work that he has put forth. Do you also think that BTS’ Jimin’s net worth is incredible? Leave a comment below about that, and you can also share this article on your social media!