BTS’ Jimin’s Diet Tips: Meal Plan, Workout Routine, Transformation, Etc.

BTS Jimin

BTS’ Jimin’s Extreme Diet Made Him Lost 10 kg!

The Big Hit‘s phenomenal boy group BTS has taken all of the attention. From their visuals to their music, everything about them is very addicting. They have seven incredible members who look gorgeous, and they also have ideal bodies. It also makes people wonder what kind of diet the members have done, especially BTS’ Jimin.

Jimin used to do such an extreme diet in the past. He also successfully lost 10 kg due to his extreme method. At that time, he would only eat one time a day, and he did dance practice a lot to lose some weight for almost 10 days.

“I came to think that I want to become handsome while looking in the mirror during ‘Blood, Sweat, & Tears’ dance practice,” he used to explain. Although he could lose 10 kg, his diet method in the past was very extreme and potentially caused side effects such as lack of nutrients, hair loss, and many more.

If you want to follow the same diet method as BTS’ Jimin, make sure to consult a doctor first and adjust to your body’s health condition.

In the meantime, let’s see the details of BTS’ Jimin’s diet plan, workout routine, and transformation!

BTS’ Jimin’s Extreme Diet, Only Eat One Meal for a Day?

Many fans might be very surprised with the extreme diet that Jimin used to do in the past. While doing that extreme diet, BTS’ Jimin only let himself eat one meal a day, and he just ate two chicken breasts. For the rest, he filled his appetite by drinking a lot of water.

However, it seems like BTS’ Jimin doesn’t do the extreme diet any longer. He fixed the diet method that made his body suffer and eats regularly with the proper amount. Although it is not revealed precisely his diet menu for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Jimin is indeed eating more healthy foods such as protein with low fat, vegetables, fruits, and staying hydrated by drinking enough water.

BTS’ Jimin’s Cardio and Bodyweight Workout Routine

For the workout routine, Jimin also has certain methods that he is always doing. Aside from dance practice with the other BTS members, Jimin does some exercises to burn fat and stay in shape.

BTS’ Jimin does these exercises during the day and the night, so make sure to memorize this if you want to try the same workout as him!

Cardio– BTS’ Jimin does cardio five days a week. He will run or cycle and spend one to two hours without having a long break between the cardio routines.

Bodyweight Exercises– BTS’ Jimin does some bodyweight exercises like push-ups, jumping jacks, crunches, leg raises, squats, and also wall pulldowns.

Check Out Jimin’s Transformation Before and After His Diet Here!

Since BTS’ Jimin has been trying very hard to lose some weight, he should be very proud of himself for accomplishing that. But, still, the extreme diet isn’t good for his health, and he can find a better method to do a diet! Check out the before and after of BTS’ Jimin’s amazing transformation diet here:

BTS’ Jimin Before Diet

Before BTS’ Jimin lost almost 10 kg in the past, he used to appear with chubby cheeks with a healthy-looking body. His face looks more round with a round nose. But, still, Jimin looks as adorable as usual, right?

Even some fans have thought that BTS’ Jimin looks cute with his baby face appearance since he also has some baby fat on his cheeks!

BTS’ Jimin After Diet

After BTS’ Jimin underwent the extreme diet, you can spot the difference very clearly. His jaw looks sharper, and even his nose became sharper as well. No more round face shape, and we can see some muscles and abs on BTS’ Jimin’s body!

In the before pictures, BTS’ Jimin appears with no abs and muscles, but now, he has become one of the sexiest male K-pop idols with those abs and ideal body.

That is everything about BTS’ Jimin’s diet tips and his workout routine! Although he used to undergo an extreme diet, now he is taking care of his body even better so he won’t suffer like in the past. The result is real. BTS’ Jimin lost some weight and gained some abs!

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